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Webelos Adventure – First Responder

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As part of the Webelos First Responders Adventure, one of the requirements is to visit a fire station and ask questions about what they do and how they help to save lives. This year we went one step better and invited a certified Medical Technician with the Alexandria City Fire & Rescue Department to come out to the Congressional School and join us for a den meeting. The Scouts got a chance to ask questions, see the different types of equipment they use and get a first hand tour of an advanced life support unit. With Cubmaster Darryl’s help, we even demonstrated how to immobilize an accident victim with a neck collar and back board for transport. A big thank you to Clayton for allowing us to use him as our rescue dummy. I still think the personal hands on approach with stuff like this works best with kids.

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Shooting Sports Weekend @ BSA Camp Snyder

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Every Spring the Boy Scouts of America and the NCAC put on a weekend event known as Shooting Sports Weekend at Camp William B. Snyder in Haymarket, VA. This year was no different, except that for the first time (that I’m aware of anyway) Pack 1229 would be represented at the event at the Pack level. This is a BSA sponsored event that combines an overnight camping trip with instructor lead courses in shooting sports on Saturday afternoon. Over the course of the weekend, the Scouts learn the safety rules and techniques for safe handling and use of bb guns, slingshots, and archery. This was Dylan’s first experience with Shooting Sports and he not only approached it with a positive, respectful and mature attitude, but also turned out to be a crack shot with the bb rifle. We also had a Pack campout to deal with, so there was food, fun, adventures and the evening campfire too! Sunday morning was cold, but thanks to Ed and Bruce, we had a roaring campfire first thing… even before the coffee was ready!

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FHL Division ‘B’ Hockey Finals

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Unfortunately I had to miss this one, but my boys on the Division ‘B’ Fairfax Bulldogs pulled out a close win to put us in first place for the season heading into the playoffs. Not only does this gives the team home ice advantage, but it also gives us a bye for the first two weeks of the playoffs, and believe me, I think we all need a rest. We’ll be back on the ice next month for the Finals and if all goes well… the Championship Game!

Dylan wins RS Art Contest

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The River School has an art contest every year for the purpose of finding the perfect design to represent the annual Jill Bailey Chenet River Walk. This years contest winner was my son, Dylan, and along with being recognized by the entire school, he will also get his design put on all the tee-shirts for this years big event… The River Walk. This is a huge honor for any of the students, but even more so for Dylan, as this is his last year at the River School. As a 3rd grade Falcon, Dylan will be ageing out of the River School at the end of the school year in June.

Here are some links for more information about the River School’s beloved teacher and friend, Jill Bailey Chenet and the River School’s Jill Bailey Chenet Scholarship Fund.

RS Field Trip to NOAA

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As a favor, Julie personally arranged an educational visit for Dylan’s 3rd grade class to the NOAA’s main facility in Silver Spring, MD. The field trip was geared towards weather, the earth and climate. Along with taking a tour of NOAA’s Educational Center and learning about all the things that NOAA does, the kids also had the opportunity to check out NOAA’s new technology exhibit known as ‘Science on a Sphere’. I wasn’t initially planning on attended the field trip, but I’m glad I did… I was totally blown away with the quality of the graphics and computer generated holograms used to display climate data on the sphere. This was a great field trip and the kids from the Falcon Class really had a blast.

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RS Falcon Class Fair

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As part of the 3rd grade curriculum for the River School, all the students in the Falcon Class have to come up with a project for the School Fair. Dylan’s class has been studying the time period of Ancient Rome and for his project he decided to research and write a report on ancient Roman games and toys. Along with a thorough report, Dylan made a model of a toy ball with beads inside of it, much like the ones the children of ancient Rome use to play with.

Pack 1229 Spring Hike

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For this years annual spring hike, the Pack 1229 Outdoor Committee decided on the loop at Turkey Run Park in McLean, VA. This is a great park with a beautiful hiking trail situated on the Virginia side of the Potomac River across from Cabin John, MD. The weather was absolutely perfect and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for the hike. The loop is about 2.4 miles with a elevation gain of about 240 feet, which was perfect for the boys in the Webelos den who needed some more hiking miles for one of their adventure requirements. The trail can be a bit narrow where it runs along the river, so you have to hike in single file at times, but it is still a super fun hike!

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Champions Once Again!

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Wow, what a nice feeling it is to be back on top! After having more than several seasons of bad luck in the playoffs at MedStar Capitals Iceplex, we finally fielded a full team for the playoffs and managed to put together a complete 45 minutes of hockey to overtake team Red Rum for the Cup! Here are some photos from the locker room and post game celebration.

Defective GM Struts

:: Tags: Rants, WTF!!

Being a car guy with multiple certifications in automotive technology, I should know that trying to tell a Dealership that there’s a defective part on your car is a waste of time. The problem isn’t that I had defective front struts, but that the dealer wouldn’t admit that there was a problem with them until they were out of warranty. Once they’re no longer covered under the factory warranty, then they are happy to replace them… at $1,800.00 each! The lesson learned here is to have your new vehicle checked out by an independent shop from time to time, even while it’s under warranty… it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion.

Homestead Ski Trip – 2

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I told you we’d be back! Another three day weekend and another 4 hour drive to Hot Springs, Virginia. The weather reports for the Presidents Day holiday weekend are suggesting it will be warmer than it was last month, but it should still be cold enough to ski. It will be nice to get together with the Baurs again and do some more skiing. This trip we decided to hire a private ski instructor for Dylan and Ethan to try and build their confidence with going up the lift and skiing alone. By the end of the day, the instructor complemented Dylan and said that skill wise he was ready to go to the top.

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