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Pack 1229 Move-up Ceremony

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‘The Cub Scout Pack 1229 Move-up Ceremony’ – Falls Church, VA

Congrats to all the Cub Scouts of Pack 1229! Here are a couple of photos from the Pack’s Move-up Ceremony. Dylan and the rest of the Bears all earned their rank and will be moving up to the Webelos den next year.

River School Spring Play

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Here are some photos from the River School 2018 Spring Play. As with every year, the annual school production allows all the students from all grades to participate at some level. This year Dylan’s class, along with the 3rd grade Falcon class, were responsible for both writing and performing as the class leads in the annual production. It was a super cute play and I’m so glad the school makes all the kids get involved… it’s much easier to get comfortable with being in front of an audience if you start doing it at a younger age.

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Pack 1229 Spring Campout

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“Wait… you mean we’re suppose to eat the marshmallows too!” – Lake Fairfax, VA

So last fall, I took Dylan on his very first Cub Scout camping trip to Prince William Forest for what I like to call ‘Cabin Camping’ with his CS pack. This past weekend, Dylan got to try tent camping with me for the very first time and he loved it! Cub Scout Pack 1229 sponsors two camping trips a year and last weekend they had their Spring Camp out at Lake Fairfax in Fairfax, VA. Aside from a little rain and wind overnight, it turned out to be a really nice time.
Dylan and I opted to use my REI Passage-2 two person backpacking tent for our first outing together and it did a great job protecting us from the overnight wind and rain. However, I think that in the future I will take my ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4-person Tent and ALPS Air Bed, so that I might get a little better nights sleep. At this level of Scouting, car camping is pretty much all these kids do, so there’s really no need for an ultralight weight backpacking tent. The most important piece of camping equipment for kids at a young age is a good mummy bag. There is nothing worse then having your child complaining all night that they’re cold.

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More Cub Scout Stuff

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‘One of Dylan’s woodworking projects for the Bear Den’ – Pack 1229, Falls Church, VA

Here are a batch of random photos from Dylan’s Cub Scout meetings and adventures. They are in no particular order and I will be adding more photos to this gallery as I take them, so don’t mind the dates either.

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Easter Vacation West Palm Style

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We traveled down to Florida again this year for Easter Vacation and the annual Harbour Ridge grandparents weekend event. As per usual, it was a lot of fun and the weather was great. I don’t know why I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do, but maybe it was because I was enjoying myself more than normal. I was a well needed relaxing vacation, that’s for sure!

A Late Snow Storm

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We haven’t had much snow this year, so this late March snowstorm was a nice little surprise for all of us. Dylan of course took full advantage of all the extra outdoor entertainment the day day had to offer.

RS Field Trip – Sculpture Garden Ice Rink

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Dylan’s RS class had a field trip this morning to the National Sculpture Garden ice skating rink and guess who volunteered to be one of the parent chaperons… yep, this is right up my alley. I just bought Dylan a new pair of hockey skates about a week ago and he’s been hounding me to take him skating so he can try them out. Hockey skates take a little getting use to, but he really wants to be able to skate like dad, so I know he’ll keep at it and one day be a better skater than me.

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Dylan’s First Pinewood Derby

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I never thought I would ever be working on another BSA Pinewood Derby car ever, but yet here I am designing and making a new car for my son to race in his very first pinewood derby. I must admit, I’m a bit rusty on the woodworking side of things especially when it comes to small scale projects, but I do have the tools and the time. I did make Dylan work with me on this project as much as his attention span could handle. Dylan picked out the design and helped with the sanding, painting and final assemble. It turned out to be a really nice car, just not the fastest car on the track. However, he did win an award for ‘best Race Car’ design for the pack. Great job Dylan!

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Ice Skating with Dylan

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I not the type of dad to force my son to do something or play a particular sport just because I like and play it. Instead, I try to give him the chances and opportunities figure out what he likes. My son’s interests in sports have changes so much over the years and forcing him to play hockey at an early age might have caused him to resent both the game and me, but I’m happy to report that he has shown an interest in trying to learn to skate, which as we all know, is the first step towards playing hockey. I’ll be okay if he decides he never wants to play organized hockey for a team, but it sure would be nice if one day he could strap on the pads and play in a pickup game with his old man!

Dylan’s 8th Birthday

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Happy birthday to my awesome and amazing son Dylan! I am so, so proud of you and I still enjoy every moment of watching you grow. One of the most impressive things for me is seeing how you can change and adapt to this ever changing world. You are one of the most resilient kids I have ever seen. I love you with all my heart and soul.

‘Dylan excepting his birthday medal at Dynamic Gymnastics’ – Arlington, VA
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