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Dylan joins the Cub Scouts

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‘Dylan testing out his very first Raingutter Regatta boat’ – Falls Church, VA

Thanks to a friend who Dylan meet in summer camp, we have officially become a Cub Scout family. I was a Boy Scout myself when I was younger, and even though I never made Eagle Scout, I did learn a lot from the program. Being a Scout brought me closer to nature and helped to make me a better outdoors-men and survivalist. I hope that Dylan will stay active in Scouting long enough for me to teach him the ways of the woods. I’ve already been asked by several of the Scout Leaders if I would be interested in helping out with the program. My reply was a simple..”We’ll see how things go”.

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Working from the Backyard

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‘Enjoying my day for a change while working from home!’ – Arlington, VA

It’s nice to have days like this once in a while, when your working from home and both the weather and the workload are surprisingly pleasant. Even though I have a pretty nice backyard oasis to hang out in, I don’t use it nearly as much as I should. I’ve been told this by several people, so I plan on making it a habit to get outside and enjoy it more often in the future.

Dylan’s First Day of 2nd Grade

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I don’t know about everyone, but for myself as a father, there is nothing more gratifying than having your child tell you that they look forward to going back to school in the fall. I know that for Dylan, it’s mostly because he misses his friends and he also enjoys the organization the school day brings. It gives me a good feeling in my heart knowing that he truly enjoys his teachers and where he goes school and I hope that he continues to enjoy school and the journey of knowledge it takes him on for many years to come. I was once told that “there is no greater weapon than knowledge, but one must also spend the time in the real world making their own mistakes to obtain wisdom as well”. Always Remember… Knowledge is the tool, but wisdom is the treasure!

Burke Lake Park

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‘Dylan and yours truly waiting for the train ride to start’ – Burke Lake Park, Fairfax, VA

Part two of our crazy weekend ended up being an outing to Burke Lake Park with the Grandparents. Dylan, like most boys, has always had an obsession with trains, and it just so happens that one of the main features of this park is their miniature gas powered passenger train, which takes riders for a tour around Burke Lake. As you can see from the pictures, Dylan could not be satisfied with just one ride. The good news is that the waiting line to ride does get shorter the later it gets in the day.

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Downtown DC with Dylan

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‘Dylan showing us where all the hidden dinosaurs are located’ – US Botanical Garden, Washington, DC

This past weekend Dylan asked if we could do the tourist thing and go downtown to one of his favorite places… the United States Botanical Garden which is located on the grounds of the US Capital in Washington, DC. It’s odd that this is one of my sons favorite places in DC… maybe it’s because they have dinosaurs mixed in with the plant life. Regardless of the reason, he truly enjoys exploring this beautiful exhibit and exploring the hidden spaces around the garden.

Being that we were already downtown, it made perfect since to extend our sightseeing adventure a bit by taking the short walk over to the National Museum of the American Indian just two blocks away. It’s one of my favorite museums in DC and the exhibits do a superb job of showing what Native American life was like both before and after the Europeans invaded. There are also exhibits that do great job of reminding visitors of how the original indigenous inhabitants of this great land were so badly treated over the years. My Great Grandmother was a full blooded native American Indian, so I get kind of emotional when I watch the videos and read some of the displays they have up on the top floor .

If you find yourself in Washington, DC and have some free time, I highly suggest checking out any of the wonderful museums the Nations Capital has to offer… they are all outstanding and well worth the price of admission! You can see more of my photos from this weekends excursion by clicking the view more link below. Enjoy!

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Bermuda 2017 Part-2

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‘Dylan at the end of another great beach day’ – Tucker’s Point Beach Club, Bermuda

As promised, here is the second installment of photos from our most recent family getaway to Bermuda. I’ve been doing a lot of landscape photography lately and trying to capture some different styles of both the sunset and seascape theme. I’ve also been working on using shadows more in my images, but that doesn’t always work out well when taking random photos with a cellphone. It might be time for a cellphone upgrade. Click the link below to see all the photos from the trip.

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Bermuda 2017

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‘The view overlooking Castle Harbor from TPC Golf Villas’ – Tucker’s Point, Bermuda, HS

This years annual family vacation to Bermuda turned out to be one of the great ones. First off, this year we opted to do our fall financial meetings on the island, so the entire family made the trip for the week. This was a real treat for Dylan because he doesn’t get to see his cousins who live in Toronto as much as he would like. Having them all together for the week was a really nice treat. There was good food, lots of beach and pool time and we even got to enjoy a good view of the major Solar Eclipse of 2017. Click on the link below to see the first batch of photos from the trip.

‘The family getting ready for the Solar Eclipse of 2017’ – Tucker’s Point, Bermuda, HS
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July 4th Holiday Parade

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‘Dylan all decked out for our neighborhood July 4th Parade’ – Arlington, VA.

As we all know, Julie and Dylan are always up for decorating when it comes to a holiday… and the July 4th holiday celebration is one that we all enjoy! Here are some photos form our neighborhood July 4th Parade that our local Arlington fire station puts together every year. Dylan likes to ride his bike in the parade with his friends, so we try to get there early enough that he can get up on the front row for the start.

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Go Ape Adventure

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There is one thing about my wife that is a constant… she is always searching for and finding new and adventurous things for Dylan to try. This started out as a way to find engaging camps and activities to keep Dylan busy during the summers while he’s out of school. In many cases, Julie and I have found that jumping in and engaging with Dylan in these extra curricular outdoor activity is not only a great bonding experience, but it’s also just a whole lot of fun!

Dylan on the tree top ropes course at ‘Go Ape Adventures’ – Springfield, VA.

This weekend we ventured out to a tree top ropes course in Springfield, VA that Julie found called ‘Go Ape Adventure’. It was the first time Dylan had tried anything like and turns out he was a natural. He flew through the junior course in record time and was advanced to the intermediate course before our time slot ended. He says the next time he comes back, he wants to try the advanced course, which is all the way at the top!

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Our Atlantis Vacation Part-2

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Hanging with the dolphins at Dolphin Cay – Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

While vacationing at the Atlantis Resort, we opted to try the park’s dolphin adventure at Dolphin Cay. They have all different levels of interaction that tourists can choose from including snorkeling or swimming with the dolphins to just watching/taking pictures while they perform tricks. For Dylan’s first time being around dolphins, we decided to go with the less intrusive shallow water touch and feel adventure. This easy and comfortable in-water experience lets you get up-close and personal with the dolphins in only 4 feet of water. This worked out well in that it gave Dylan a chance to see just how graceful and gentle these beautiful creatures are without scaring him from how powerful and aggressive they can be in open water.

I myself have been scuba diving with trained dolphins on several occasions while in both the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands, and have always done so with dive operators who allow their dolphins to come and go as they please using open sea pins. When diving with them, we are always in open water and they not confined in any way. While I sometimes have a problem seeing dolphins in captivity and being made to perform for tourists, I can only hope that they are being well cared for by their trainers and the park.

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