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Dylan’s First Day of 2nd Grade

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I don’t know about everyone, but for myself as a father, there is nothing more gratifying than having your child tell you that they look forward to going back to school in the fall. I know that for Dylan, it’s mostly because he misses his friends and he also enjoys the organization the school day brings. It gives me a good feeling in my heart knowing that he truly enjoys his teachers and where he goes school and I hope that he continues to enjoy school and the journey of knowledge it takes him on for many years to come. I was once told that “there is no greater weapon than knowledge, but one must also spend the time in the real world making their own mistakes to obtain wisdom as well”. Always Remember… Knowledge is the tool, but wisdom is the treasure!

The Fox Class Soccer Team

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Here are a couple of pictures from Dylan’s school soccer team which he played on for one season. His current school doesn’t have any sports teams, so some of the parents from his class put together a Saturday morning soccer team to compete in the DC Stoddard Soccer League. I think this gave him just enough exposure to team sports to get him interested and I know he really enjoyed playing with his classmates. Hopefully he will continue to participate in competitive team sports and become more of a team player in the future.

Dylan’s School Play

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“The Pelican Class dressed as ‘Dinosaurs’ for the RS School Spring Play” – Washington, DC.

This year Dylan’s kindergarten class was asked to take part in the RS Spring Play. His class participated in Drama classes and dress rehearsals for two months prior to the performance. Although his class had only on scene of their own and one other scene with all the other classes I thought he and the rest of the Pelican Class did an awesome job! Here are a couple of photos from the rehearsal, play and the class after party. I’ll try to post a video at a later date.
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