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July 4th Fireworks

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‘Dylan and Julie waiting for the DC fireworks show to start’ – Arlington, VA

Living just minutes from downtown Washington, DC has both it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages. One of the advantages of being so close to the city is having the ability to go to major events like the Capital July 4th Fireworks show which they put on at the mall every year. We’ve gone downtown to see the fireworks on several occasions, but the crowds really aren’t are thing, so most years we just opt to watch them on television.

Another option is to find a tall building in Arlington, just across the river from DC and watch them from the rooftop. This year, since the weather was so clear, we decided at the last minute to drive over to the Ballston Mall parking garage and see if we could see the show from the top parking deck. The fireworks were a long way off, but it was still a good show and it only took us 5 minutes to get home afterwards.

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Bermuda – Spring 2018 Part-2

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‘Aerial View of the Tucker’s Point Golf Villas & Residence Club’ – Bermuda, HS

We had such a fantastic time at Tucker’s Point this week! The weather was perfect, the food was great and the beaches and pools were clean and warm. I had a chance to take a lot more photos this week and decided to see how my iPhone camera did with some landscape, sunset and evening photography. I’ve posted several of the photos here for your enjoyment, but for all of the pictures from the second half of our spring trip, just use the link below.

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Bermuda – Spring 2018

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‘Dylan looking out over the ocean at Tucker’s Point Beach Club’ – Bermuda, HS

Last year, for our early summer vacation, we decided to change it up a bit and spent a week at Atlantis in the Bahamas instead of our usual Bermuda home. It’s always nice to try something new from time to time, but we are creatures of habit and if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s how much we love our little island paradise… Bermuda. So once again this year we decided to travel to our favorite getaway spot and home away from home Tucker’s Point Club, Bermuda.

For me this trip is not just another vacation, it also happens to fall on Fathers Day weekend, which makes this little annual trip of ours all the more special. Spending the week with just my wife and son on the beach in one of the most beautiful places on earth is truly the ultimate Fathers Day gift!
Use the link below to see all the photos from the first half of our spring trip.

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Arlington Cycling Classic

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‘Dylan and his friend in the staging area for the AFCC kids race’ – Air Force Cycling Classic, Arlington, VA

Every year the Air Force Cycling Classic comes to Arlington, Virginia and every year my son puts it on top of his list of things to do. Personally I think the main reason he likes the event is because his good friend from across the street does it, but regardless I happy that he chooses to ride in the kids race. This year he will be racing an a new Redline road racing bicycle that was a birthday present from his Uncle Mike… I’m not sure it will make him faster, but it sure is a cool bike. I’ll post a video of the race later when I get a chance.

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Go Ape with Haley

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As we all know, my son Dylan is a huge fan of outdoor adventure camps and ropes course at Go Ape Adventures is one of his favorites. Here are a couple of pictures from Dylan and Haley’s day out at Go Ape.


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So guess who just won the NHL Stanley Cup Championship? That’s right… these guys… The Washington Capitals!!! I was born and raised in Northern Virginia and have been a native my whole life, so it should come as no surprise that as a hockey player myself, I’m a life long fan of my hometown team… the Capitals! It feels like I’ve waited a life time for the Caps to find the right chemistry to make a true run at the Cup, but as early as January this year I knew we had something special happening on the ice. Here’s a shout out to all the players, coaches and staff for the Washington Capitals… Congrats Boys!! WE ARE ALL CAPS!!!!

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Pack 1229 Move-up Ceremony

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‘The Cub Scout Pack 1229 Move-up Ceremony’ – Falls Church, VA

Congrats to all the Cub Scouts of Pack 1229! Here are a couple of photos from the Pack’s Move-up Ceremony. Dylan and the rest of the Bears all earned their rank and will be moving up to the Webelos den next year.

River School Spring Play

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Here are some photos from the River School 2018 Spring Play. As with every year, the annual school production allows all the students from all grades to participate at some level. This year Dylan’s class, along with the 3rd grade Falcon class, were responsible for both writing and performing as the class leads in the annual production. It was a super cute play and I’m so glad the school makes all the kids get involved… it’s much easier to get comfortable with being in front of an audience if you start doing it at a younger age.

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Pack 1229 Spring Campout

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“Wait… you mean we’re suppose to eat the marshmallows too!” – Lake Fairfax, VA

So last fall, I took Dylan on his very first Cub Scout camping trip to Prince William Forest for what I like to call ‘Cabin Camping’ with his CS pack. This past weekend, Dylan got to try tent camping with me for the very first time and he loved it! Cub Scout Pack 1229 sponsors two camping trips a year and last weekend they had their Spring Camp out at Lake Fairfax in Fairfax, VA. Aside from a little rain and wind overnight, it turned out to be a really nice time.
Dylan and I opted to use my REI Passage-2 two person backpacking tent for our first outing together and it did a great job protecting us from the overnight wind and rain. However, I think that in the future I will take my ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4-person Tent and ALPS Air Bed, so that I might get a little better nights sleep. At this level of Scouting, car camping is pretty much all these kids do, so there’s really no need for an ultralight weight backpacking tent. The most important piece of camping equipment for kids at a young age is a good mummy bag. There is nothing worse then having your child complaining all night that they’re cold.

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More Cub Scout Stuff

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‘One of Dylan’s woodworking projects for the Bear Den’ – Pack 1229, Falls Church, VA

Here are a batch of random photos from Dylan’s Cub Scout meetings and adventures. They are in no particular order and I will be adding more photos to this gallery as I take them, so don’t mind the dates either.

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