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Thanksgiving in Captiva 2017

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We have always enjoy spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Captiva, Florida with family. It’s always nice to see Julie’s sister and her family and it also gives us a chance to catch up with her other cousins. If the weather cooperates, it’s also a nice way to grab just a little more summer sunshine before the reality of winter sets in. Here are a few of my favorite photos from this years trip to seashell capital of the world. You can click the ‘view more’ link below to see a slideshow of all the photos from the trip.

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Thanksgiving & Xmas 2016

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Our holiday family photo with the Grandparents – Thanksgiving 2016 – Arlington, VA.

Here is a small collection of photos from our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. As you’ll notice, most of the photos are of Dylan, but we did have the whole family over this year to help celebrate.
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The Diamond Club at Nationals Park!

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I have to send out a big thank you to the family who donated the Nationals tickets to the RS annual fund action this past spring. Julie and I had the winning bid for the ticket package which included four Diamond Club Passes and great seats just behind home plate. With four tickets in hand, we decided to make it an adult evening out, so we arranged for a sitter and invited our dear friends Steve and Melissa B. to join us for the game. It was a great night and we had a lot of fun catching up over beer, good food and a ball game! Too bad the Nats lost, but we still had a blast!

Dylan’s First BGR Burger

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“Dylan taking on a full sized BGR Burger Joint hamburger!” – Arlington, VA.

Dylan has finally graduated from the kids slider meal at The Burger Joint to the full sized adult cheese burger! Yes I am a proud Papa! I guess it’s kind of weird that I would get excited about something like this, but my sons eating habits are something I have to deal with on a daily basis and for him to like anything other than chicken nuggets is a blessing.

National Harbor Day

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Julie and Dylan running around on the site of “The Awakening” – National Harbor, MD

Here are some photos from our annual end of summer boating day up river to National Harbor Marina. This year we had four boats and about ten people make the run for some good food and fun at one of our favorite local restaurants!

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Dylan Using A Fork!

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8/02/2012 – Dylan using a metal fork for the first time… unassisted! (Arlington, VA)

Here is a short home video of Dylan finally using a fork on his own. I thought for the longest time this kid just wasn’t going to get it, but then we realized it wasn’t that he couldn’t use a fork… he just didn’t want to use the plastic forks that Julie has been giving him. Dylan wanted a big person metal fork… he must figure he can do more damage to his food with that one!

Do Sports Drinks Work?

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WOW… I would have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes! Sports drinks really do work… and the’re not just for athletes any more either. Check out this video… it is simply amazing (and also better than any clinical study ever released!) Thanks for the link Mike!!


Download the video here» sportsdrink.wmv

Email Video Attachments…

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When I receive email that has a video attachment it’s normally something crude, rude or totally offensive that you watch once and then delete. Sometimes (if it’s sent to you by someone you know) you’ll receive one that is either really funny or creative enough to pass on and share with your friends. I’m not a huge fan of clogging up peoples Inboxes, so I decided to start posting the really good ones here. The quality might be a bit low but the video is worth watching… believe me!!

Click this link for Video: redneck_artist  

Fiji Fest Was A Success!

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Julie and I just wanted to thank all of our friends for coming over and making FijiFest such a great success! As you all should know, this event was more than just a celebration of our return from Fiji, it was also the first party we have held at our new home! That made it very special for both of us to have all of our closest friends together in one place at the same time! We hope that everyone enjoyed them selves and had enough to eat and drink. Just for the record, Julie and I had so much fun that we forgot to take any pictures during the event! WOW, that is so unlike us… I guess well just have to throw another one again soon!!!

Stay tuned… dates to follow!

Annual Oyster Festival – St. Michaels

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This is a event that Julie and I are going to make a habit! Not only do we get to pig out on some of the finest oysters that the Chesapeake Bay has to offer, but we also get a chance to visit with her parents who spend their winters in the St. Michaels, Maryland area. Thanks again for having the two of us up for the weekend…we had a really great time!

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