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The Diamond Club at Nationals Park!

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I have to send out a big thank you to the family who donated the Nationals tickets to the RS annual fund action this past spring. Julie and I had the winning bid for the ticket package which included four Diamond Club Passes and great seats just behind home plate. With four tickets in hand, we decided to make it an adult evening out, so we arranged for a sitter and invited our dear friends Steve and Melissa B. to join us for the game. It was a great night and we had a lot of fun catching up over beer, good food and a ball game! Too bad the Nats lost, but we still had a blast!

One Rough Hockey Game

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My adult league hockey game this past Friday night turned out to be one of the roughest hockey games I’ve had in quite some time. They say you tell how hard you’re playing by the amount of rubber left on the blade of your stick and also by the amount of blood you leave on the ice. Well folks, I had both. A ton of shots, several assists, a goal, two or three blocked shots and even a skate blade wound to the back of the leg! Even though he caught me up high on the leg, the cut wasn’t that deep thanks to my wrap around pads, so I’m not too worried about needing stitches or it getting infected. However, I do hope that the blood washes out of my socks. Anyway, it was an awesome game and an even better win!

Tropics Playoffs – First Round

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The Tropics goaltender, Joe Harris, standing tall between the pipes!

The Ballston Tropics Hockey Club started out their 2012-2013 winter playoff run with a game against their old friends the Clusterpucks. After beating the Pucks 4-2 in the first round, the Tropics would go on to be eliminated in the second round by the Rocco’s in what would be called the worst officiated hockey game ever! I’d like to thank Jen Harris for the fantastic photos she has taken of the team this past season!!

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The KCIHL Champions…!

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The Ballston Tropics Hockey Club – 2010 & 2011 KCIHL C-1 Division Champions

For the second season in a row, the Ballston Tropics Hockey Club has taken the championship in the KCIHL Adult Ice Hockey League C1 Division!  That’s right… two championship titles in a row for me and the boys and we’re currently working on a third!! You can check out what’s happening with the guys on the teams Website at www.ballstontropics.com! Lets Go Tropics!!
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First In Our Divison!

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This season one of my hockey teams, The Ballston Tropics, finished with an outstanding record of 13-1-2 to put us in the top seed in our division. With only the playoffs left to go, were looking forward to a possible first for our relatively new teams history… that’s right, a championship! Here’s a few photos from the final regular season game against Team Navy. Go Tropics…!!!
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The 2009 Clarendon Cup

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The Air Force Cycling Classic – 2009 Clarendon Cup was held this past Saturday in Arlington, Virginia. This is an annual cycling event featuring both amateur class and professional level races which takes place on the streets of Clarendon. Unfortunately I’ve missed this event for the past several years because of travel, but this time I just happened to be home for the weekend and I took full advantage of the perfect photo op! I’ve uploaded a small collection of some of the more than 500 photos captured during this day long event. Most of the photos in this gallery are from the 100 lap men’s pro race.
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WOW… what a game!

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In case you didn’t see it last night (as I didn’t… being that I was playing in my own hockey game) the Detroit Red Wings beat the Chicago Blackhawks in overtime to move on to the Stanley Cup Finals. Now just for the record, I’ve always been and always will be a huge Caps fan, but since they’re no longer in the running for the Cup I’ll pull for any team that’s playing against the Penguins!! It’s like the Redskins and Cowboys rivalry… you root for the Skins first and then any other team that’s kicking the crap out of the Cowboys!! God I love ice hockey… what a great sport!!!

Here’s the link to the game highlights from last night… truly, it was all about the goaltenders!! 

Detroit Red Wings vs Chicago Blackhawks – Game 5

Ballston Rhinos Hockey!

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I’ve been playing hockey again now for about six years and truly enjoying every minute it! I played a lot as a kid, but I guess I never really got it all out of my system. The adult leagues I play on now are both competitive and a lot more fun then the youth travel leagues were. There’s still checking at the adult level, just not as much… this makes it a little easier for the older guys my age. I believe I’m the oldest out of all the players on both of my teams. Not that I’m old… it’s just that I skate well enough to play on teams that are made up of mostly college kids.

Me (#15) waiting for the face-off! (and thinking… “Hum, there’s ice on the tip of my twig”)

This past Friday night we (The Ballston Rhinos) had a game against the Iceholes at the Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington. What made this game different than others is that I was actually able to talk Julie into coming out to watch me play! She doesn’t normally come to my games because there always so late at night. Well, not only did she enjoy the game, but she also took some really great photos of all the action… Thanks Julie!!
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Washington Nationals Baseball Game

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Me & Julie at the Nats Game, RFK Stadium (10.5mm fisheye lens)
Me and Julie at the Nats Game, RFK Stadium (10.5mm fisheye lens)
As a general rule, I’m not a big baseball fan! I think the game by nature is much too slow and I find it very difficult to keep myself interested long enough to see a great play or a home run. My game is ice hockey! It’s a fast game that takes great skill and always keeps you on the edge of your seat. If i’m not playing hockey you can usually find me watching it. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember ever going to a baseball game before…!?

During our Engagement Party back in June, our good friends Jill and Francis, gave Julie and I some tickets to see a Washington Nationals baseball game as an engagement present. Francis goes to the games often and is always commenting on how much fun they are so I jumped at the offer. Knowing that I had never been to a Nat’s game before, I thought it would be a great escape for us since we had been so busy with all the wedding planning stuff.

Okay… we went,.. we watched,.. and I took lots of pictures! Yes, it was a lot of fun and very relaxing too! I think Julie only caught me reading my camera manual once… just kidding. ;-)

Thanks again for the tickets you guys… we really had a blast!!
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