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Dylan’s Biking Camp Adventures

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Dylan and his orange 16″ Custom Mongoose Duster bike – Arlington, VA.

We sent Dylan to a local biking camp this summer as one of his summer activities and he totally loved it. We started Dylan out on a push/balance bike when he was very young, so the transition to a peddle bike last year was very quick and easy. He didn’t want training wheels at all during the transition, stating that they only got in the way. This spring we put him on one size larger peddle bike and he has turned out to be an outstanding rider for a five year old. As a matter of fact, the very first day of his two week biking camp, the director moved him from the beginners class to the advanced class with the bigger kids and told us he was way too good to be in his age level group. That same day he and his new class went on a group ride from Arlington to DC (about 6 to 7 miles round trip!) Since then we have taken him on bike rides of over 10 miles. This boy loves to bike!! Here are some photos of this summers biking fun.
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Bermuda Videos

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06/21/2015 – “Dylan having fun at the Beach Club” – Tucker’s Point, Bermuda

As promised, here are a couple of home movies from our late spring trip to Bermuda. The first video features Dylan playing in the surf and swinging glow sticks during dinner at the Beach Club barbecue. The second video features Uncle Mike as he helps out with the daily 12 o’clock noon wench dunking in St. Georges Square.
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A Bermuda Vacation Part-2

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Doug, Dylan and uncle Mike ready to snorkel the reef – Castle Island, Bermuda

This is the second installment of pictures from our June trip to Bermuda. We took uncle Mike with us on this trip to help out with Dylan and also to give him a little break from the world. It was a real treat having Mike along and we did a lot more in the way of activities than I think we would have done had he not been there. Mike was also a big help in teaching Dylan how to snorkel for the first time out at Castle Island reef. Thanks uncle Mike… we hope you enjoy the photos!
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Easter Vacation Videos

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04/04/2015 – “Our Easter Vacation Part-1” – Harbor Ridge Country Club

As promised, here are a couple of home movies from our Easter holiday trip to West Palm Florida. Click on the link (view photos & more) below to show the other videos from this trip. The third video in the set is of Dylan and I doing side by side zip lines at the Harbor Ridge Country Club Easter weekend carnival.
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Capitals Practice At Kettler

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Dylan’s class had a field trip today to the Kettler Capitals Iceplex to watch the Washington Capitals practice and then try some ice skating of their own. I was able to get off from work to accompany Dylan and his class for the event and also managed to snapped off a couple of photos.
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Dylan’s 5th Birthday!

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Here are a couple of photos from my sons 5th birthday party. One of his presents this year from Uncle Mike was a Washington Capitals/Alex Ovechkin hockey jersey that was personally signed by NHL Great… Peter Bondra. Oh and yes… the theme this year was ‘Planes: Fire & Rescue’! Happy birthday Dylan!!
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Slot Car Racing

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Some how Dylan talked his nanny into bringing the slot car race track upstairs this afternoon and helping him set it up. He told her that he wanted to surprise me when I got home from work and wanted to race cars with me because he was fast! It’s nice racing slot cars with your 5 year old son after work… it makes all the unpleasant work crap of the day fade away.

Trick or Treat – Halloween Video

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10/31/2014 – “Dylan’s first year of Trick or Treating!” – Arlington, VA.

Wish I had remembered to bring a better video camera for Dylan’s first night of house to house ‘Trick or Treating’! Oh well, here is one of the videos I did manage to find on my phone… I hope you enjoy it.

Dylan Washing His Caddy

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10/11/2014 – “Dylan washing his Cadillac Escalade after cruising the park”

Here is a cute little video of Dylan washing his battery powered Cadillac after coming home from the park. He said he needed to wash it before he put it away so it would be clean for tomorrow. I told him it was going to rain, but he said he didn’t mind… “It still needs to be clean for tomorrow, Daddy!”

Dylan’s 4th Birthday Party!

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Dylan posing for a picture before enjoying his ‘4th’ cup cake of the day! – Arlington, VA.

We had our sons birthday party at J.W. Tumbles again this year, but with a new theme… PLANES! Funny how kids will see something like an animated movie and latch on to it for a year or longer. Dylan is a huge Dusty fan and therefor wanted his party to have the Planes theme. We had a nice gathering with a mix of both school friends/parents and some neighborhood kids. As you can tell form the smile… Dylan had a blast!!

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