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Dylan’s School Play Video

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05/13/2016 – “The Pelican Class in the River School Spring Play” – Washington, DC.

As promised, here is a home video of the Pelican classes performance in the River School’s Spring Play. I used video clips from his classes two parts in the play and spliced them together to make one long video. remember, this is a personal video and not meant to show the entire play. I was just interested in Dylan’s class and their first stage performance. Well done Dylan!!

Dylan Wants A Dirtbike

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While at my parents house for New Years dinner, Dylan found my brothers motorcycles in the garage where he stores them for the winter. He told us that he needed us to buy him one so he could learn how to ride. My brother said that when he gets a little older and a little bigger he would take care of that. I hope he can take care of the medical bills as well.

Halloween 2014

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“Julie and Uncle Mike dressed up for the occasion” – Trick-Or-Treating – Arlington, VA.

Here are some photos from Dylan’s Halloween weekend including his school parade and the evenings trick-or-treating festivities with the grand parents and uncle Mike! And yes… even Julie and uncle Mike dressed up to get in the spirit of the moment. We all had a lot of fun and Dylan brought home a huge amount of candy for the evening.
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The Patio Project (Part 2)

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unwrapping some of our new wicker patio furniture

Our custom patio is finally finished and to accent it we ordered some new wicker furniture which was delivered this week. Julie and Dylan seem to be very pleased with the choice and I think it will add a new dimension to our outdoor summer party which is coming up in a month or so! Next up, a fire pit for the fall… any body know where I can find firewood in Arlington?!
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The Patio Project…

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The beginning stages of our new slate patio project – “Ha, what a mess!”

We decided to go ahead and start our patio project this past fall in hopes that it would be finished and ready for our T.G.I.S Party this coming spring. The landscaping company we’re using, Land Art Design, insured us that laying a patio and doing minor landscaping in the winter time is no problem and actually works out better as long as we don’t get any major snow storms. So after several weeks of designing, planning and kicking around numbers, Laura and her team showed up to break ground and start the first phase of the project project.

Now… almost two months into it, the project is really starting to come together and so far I must say we have been truly pleased! We just can’t say enough about the quality and workmanship shown by the people at Land Art Design and we’re really looking forward to using our new outdoor living space for many years to come! Thanks Laura…!!
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Bauer TotalOne Skates… Awesome!!

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This is a video clip showing the new TotalOne hockey skates from Bauer in slow motion. The players are pro’s and the skates at the same level. I just picked up a set of TotalOne 100’s which are a level down from the pro skates, but perform just as nicely!

Akismet Stats for 2009…

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Akismet activity chart for my WordPress journal…

The Akismet plugin for my WordPress journal is one of the best features for controlling unwanted comment spam! It comes as a standard plugin with the WordPress install, but you have to activate your account with WordPress.org to make it function properly. Akismet works so well that I almost never have to do anything more than the occasional plugin update, but when I do check up on it I’m always impressed to see the stats for the amount of comment spam it’s blocked.

I just ran some reports for the last half of 2009 and was very pleased with the results of both the Akismet plugin and the WordPress Publishing platform as a whole!

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For Sale: 99 GMC Yukon Denali…

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I am selling one of my vehicles on Craigslist and thought it might get a little more attention if I posted it here on my Website as well. This has been a really great vehicle for me over the years, but it is finally time to part with it… mostly because I have a new truck and no longer drive this one. Ive added the Craigslist posting link to this post so if you have time take a look!

UPDATE: Vehicle sold in less then 24 hours!! You just have to love Craigslist…

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The Tiki Bar – Backstage Bender…

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I subscribe to a number of different video podcasts which include everything from financial market reports and world news to modern cooking and photography techniques. They all help fulfill my need for information, but when I need a good laugh I can always count on one of my favorites… “The Tiki Bar.” In this episode (#39 – Backstage Bender) the cast puts together some of their best outtakes and bloopers for our viewing pleasure… Enjoy!!



For more from the Tiki Bar visit their Website at: http://tikibartv.com

Upgrading to WordPress 2.6?

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WordPress v2.6 was just released a couple of days ago, and as a result the auto-update feature in my online journal has prompted me to upgrade. I always get a little nervous about making big changes to server side applications where PHP code is concerned! This is partly because I’ve had issues in the past with these ‘simple’ upgrades crashing my online journal. Most of the time it happens because of a third party plug-in that doesn’t play well with the newer versions of WordPress. Regardless I always backup my files and take a quick look at the new code before I do anything.

I have included a cool 3.5 minute video clip that shows some of the new features in WordPress v2.6:

What’s new in WordPress v2.6 – embedded WP flash video

Don’t get me wrong… I think WordPress Rocks!! I’ve been using the application on my server since the first part of 2006 with very little in the way of problems (that is after the first 3 months of modifying the code to fit my needs and look of my Website!) So now it’s all about making sure that I don’t accidentally over-write one of the PHP scripts which I modified in the first place. When upgrading WP it asks you to overwrite the entire directory with the newly downloaded directory. The entire application consists of over 300 different PHP scripts, so you really have to remember which ones you modified and protect them from the overwriting process.

I will probably do the upgrade this weekend when I have a clear head and can sit down and focus on the task. If all goes well the journal should only be down for 30 to 40 minutes! Wish me luck…

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