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DC Cyclocross Race Video!

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10/21/2012 – The DC Cyclocross Event at the AFRH – Washington, DC

Here is a little video I spliced together of last years DC Cyclocross event that my brother Mike raced in. You will see him a lot in the three minute video… he is wearing the Team V-Day cycling logo’s. It was so windy that day that the soundtrack was pretty bad, so I add a music soundtrack that I might pump this video up a bit… enjoy!!

(Music by: The Prodigy – “Warrior’s Dance”)

Tropics Playoffs – First Round

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The Tropics goaltender, Joe Harris, standing tall between the pipes!

The Ballston Tropics Hockey Club started out their 2012-2013 winter playoff run with a game against their old friends the Clusterpucks. After beating the Pucks 4-2 in the first round, the Tropics would go on to be eliminated in the second round by the Rocco’s in what would be called the worst officiated hockey game ever! I’d like to thank Jen Harris for the fantastic photos she has taken of the team this past season!!

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Dylan’s New Ride!

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Dylan driving his new Cadillac EXT around on the street! – Arlington, VA

A big thank you to Dylan’s Grandparents, Barbara and Ray, for the awesome birthday gift! I wasn’t sure if this was going to be an age appropriate gift for him, but boy did he take a liking to it right away. He still needs to work on his driving skills, but there is time for that next summer when things warm up.

Dad had the hard part… when the box says “some assemble required”, they mean clear your schedule for the rest of the day! It took me two hours, with power tools, to put this thing together and apply all the decals. And what sucks is I couldn’t even fit in the thing to test drive it! Oh well, I hope you enjoy it Dylan… Happy Birthday Big Boy!!
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Dylan’s Third Birthday Party

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Dylan sharing cheese pizza with his friends at JW Tumbles – Arlington, VA

This year Julie wanted to change things up a little for Dylan’s birthday party and have it somewhere besides our house. For ease of parking, clean-up and since Dylan and his friends are much more mobile we thought renting a playroom would be best. So we rented the Play Zone at JW Tumbles in Arlington for his party and it was a huge hit with the kids!

Most of the family, including both sets of Grand Parents, were in town to share in all the festivities and there was no shortage of kids either. Along with the neighborhood kids that Dylan knows, quite a few of his preschool classmates were able to attend as well. It was a great party and Dylan enjoyed the fun with his friends immensely! Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and please enjoy the photos from the event!
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@OceanImagery – Holy Crap! The #Caps are freakin’ killing me tonig…

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Holy Crap! The #Caps are freakin’ killing me tonight! If you didn’t feel like playing hockey, why the hell did you bother making the trip?!

@OceanImagery – Happy to see golf on TV this afternoon… Caps hoc…

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Happy to see golf on TV this afternoon… Caps hockey is really starting to freakin’ depress me!!

@OceanImagery – So at what point do you change your goaltender? Af…

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So at what point do you change your goaltender? After he’s already let in 5 shit goals, or do you let him go for a record… FAIL! #CapsPens

Ballston Tropics Hockey

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The Ballston Tropics Hockey Club – 2012 KCIHL Winter Adult League

I have posted about my adult league hockey team many times in the past, but the last couple of seasons we have been performing slightly below average. This season however, I am happy to report that it looks like we may actually take first place for the regular season in our division and the first seed in the playoffs. We still have a couple of games to go before playoff time, but we could do no worse than second as it stands now!

Our goaltender, Joe Harris, asked his wife Jennifer to come out and take some photos of our most recent game against the Night Caps, for use on the Ballston Tropics Website. This would turn out to be a great night for both hockey and photography where as not only did we win the game, but Jennifer ended up capturing some excellent photos of the game and the team as well! A big thank you from myself and the rest of the team to Jennifer White Harris for taking the time to photograph the game!
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