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Cape Cod Family Vacation

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Dylan digging holes at the beach in New Seabury – Cape Cod, MA

Here are some photos from our family vacation/retreat to New Seabury Massachusetts. A big thank you to Grandpa for putting this trip together on such short notice… Dylan really had a blast seeing everyone!!
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Dylan On The Beach

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07/24/2013 – “Dylan running on the beach” (Fripp Island, SC)

While I was clearing out my camera’s memory card I ran across this video clip which I totally forgot I had shot. It’s a short video of Dylan and Amanda running around on the beach in the evening while Charlie tries to pull in one more shark for the day.

Fripp Island Golf & Fishing Trip

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Dylan and his dump truck on the beach – Fripp Island, SC

Last years trip to Fripp Island was so much fun that we decided to rent the same house and do it again this year! This year the fishing was better, but we caught more black tip sharks than expected. After Charlie pulled in a 3 plus footer, we decided to give the fishing a rest to keep from scaring away all the other vacationers. The golf was great and we managed to play several different courses in the area including Sanctuary, Legends at Parris Island and Ocean Point. Wow, what a great week!! There were so many great photos from the trip that I couldn’t put them all on the site, but here are the best of the best… enjoy!!
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Bermuda Vacation Videos

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06/24/2013 – “Dylan at the Beach Club” (Tucker’s Point Club, Bermuda)

Here are a couple of home movies I’ve put together from our late spring vacation to Bermuda. Most of the footage is of Dylan, as one would expect, spending his time in the one place he most enjoys spending it… the pool! He has finally gotten over his fear of the water and is swimming on his own (with the help of a flotation vest of course) and we hope to have him putting his head underwater by this time next year. It’s amazing how much this kid likes water… he’s got to be my child!!

06/26/2013 – “Dylan takes over the pool” (Tucker’s Point Club, Bermuda)

Our Bermuda Getaway

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Julie, Dylan and I before dinner at the Tucker’s Point Beach Club, Bermuda

Here is my trip post for our annual spring trip to Bermuda. This year we decided to wait and go a little later than usual so that we could meet up with Julie’s sister and her family to enjoy a week in paradise together. Dylan was really looking forward to seeing his cousins and spending time with them on the beach and in the swimming pools. Everyone had a great time and we even hired a sitter one evening so that Susan, Jason, Julie and I could enjoy a fancy dinner at one of our favorite restaurants… Cafe’ Lido on Elbow Beach. We hope that you enjoy the photos… I’ll try to post some videos soon!
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Dylan’s Cadillac

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Dylan vs The Dead Battery!

Here’s a cute little video clip of Dylan trying to push his battery powered Cadillac after running the battery all the way down. He actually pushed it around the backyard quite a bit before we finally had to put it away for the evening.

Dylan’s Day Out With Thomas

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Dylan working the brakes on an antique locomotive – B & O Railroad Museum – Baltimore, MD

I’m not quite sure where Julie first heard about this… maybe it was a neighbor or one of the other parents at school, but our family adventure to Baltimore would turn out to be a fun filled day for the Vanderbilt’s! If you know Dylan at all, then you know he has a huge obsession with Thomas The Train and trains in general. He wants to ride them, drive them, crash them and if possible dismantle them. Here are some photos from our adventure with ‘Thomas the Train’ at the B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Dylan’s Wagon

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Dylan and his little red wagon – Harbor Ridge Country Club

Here is a short video clip of Dylan bonding with his little red wagon on the golf cart path at Harbor Ridge Country Club. He really has an obsession with anything that has wheels on it… I know, it’s a boy thing!!

Easter Vacation in Florida

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Dylan enjoying his Grandparents warm pool in sunny West Palm, Florida

Easter vacation in West Palm was a whole lot of fun this year! The weather was great, the pool was warm and Dylan is finally at the age where he can mix and mingle with the family better. His speech has improved greatly and his ability to communicate has made it easier to ‘let go’ so to speak and not worry quite so much about him all the time.

Dylan enjoys seeing his cousins greatly and has really started to bond with them. He has also become much more comfortable in the pool… although he is not swimming with out a flotation device yet, he is making progress with his swimming skills. Just you wait and see, we’ll make a diver out of him yet!
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V-Day Harlem Shake

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The V-Day cycle team’s Harlem Shake Video – via YouTube

My brother sent me this YouTube clip the other day of his cycling team doing the Harlem Shake during a post ride party… enjoy!!

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