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Easter Vacation Videos

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04/04/2015 – “Our Easter Vacation Part-1” – Harbor Ridge Country Club

As promised, here are a couple of home movies from our Easter holiday trip to West Palm Florida. Click on the link (view photos & more) below to show the other videos from this trip. The third video in the set is of Dylan and I doing side by side zip lines at the Harbor Ridge Country Club Easter weekend carnival.
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Dinosaurs Live!

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12/20/2014 – “Dinosaurs Live at the DC Armory” – Washington, DC

When my son gets something into his head, there is no way you are going to get around it. Dylan saw a advertisement on television last week for something called ‘Dinosaurs Live’ and told us that we had to go see the live dinosaurs. I tried to explain to him that the dinosaurs where not real, but he corrected me and said “but look dad, they move!” So as a Saturday afternoon excursion to humor my son, we drove down to the DC Armory for the show. Dylan thought it was great and had a ton of fun… I think we saw the entire exhibit at least twice! Here is a home movie from the show… enjoy!

Captiva Florida Videos

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11/30/2014 – “The South Seas Island Resort” – Captiva Island, Florida

Here is a video from our Thanksgiving holiday trip to South Seas Island Resort in Captiva, Florida. This is a semi annual trip for the family and it’s always a lot of fun to catch up with everyone in the warmth of South Florida. Dylan was a little disappointed this year as the water temps where a little on the cool side! But he did brave the big community swimming pools despite the cooler than normal temperatures.

The Last Day Of Boating Season

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11/04/2014 – Belmont Bay & Sandy Point – Potomac River, VA.

I went down to the marina today to start winterizing the boat and decided to take her out for one last ride before putting her away for the winter. I had one more weekend left before the weather turned really cold and most of the hard stuff like the washing and waxing was already done. I always miss the boat in the winter, but boating in the winter I do not miss… damn that wind was cold!

Trick or Treat – Halloween Video

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10/31/2014 – “Dylan’s first year of Trick or Treating!” – Arlington, VA.

Wish I had remembered to bring a better video camera for Dylan’s first night of house to house ‘Trick or Treating’! Oh well, here is one of the videos I did manage to find on my phone… I hope you enjoy it.

Dylan Washing His Caddy

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10/11/2014 – “Dylan washing his Cadillac Escalade after cruising the park”

Here is a cute little video of Dylan washing his battery powered Cadillac after coming home from the park. He said he needed to wash it before he put it away so it would be clean for tomorrow. I told him it was going to rain, but he said he didn’t mind… “It still needs to be clean for tomorrow, Daddy!”

Bermuda Vacation Videos

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09/16/2014 – “Dylan enjoying a day at the kids pool” – Tucker’s Point Beach Club

As promised, here are a couple of home movies from our recent trip to Bermuda with the grand parents. I’ve started to do a lot more video on our trips now that I have a newer more powerful video editing software at my disposal. I also plan to create a new platform on my website for showing off my videos in my travel/dive trip section… more on that later.
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Dylan’s Biking Video!

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08/05/2014 – “Dylan making the switch from push-bike to peddle bike” (Arlington, VA.)

Well all I can say is that my son must take after my brother… “anything and everything on two wheels!” He went from a push bike last fall (which he mastered!) to a peddle bike this spring and made the transition without having to use training wheels at all! He actually told us that training wheels would only make him crash… So with a little encouragement and some help from my brother he is officially riding a peddle bike at a little over 5 years old!

The Ashford Castle Hotel

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07/11/2014 – “The Ashford Castle Hotel Estate” (Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland)

Here is a short video clip I took in the backyard of the beautiful 5 star Ashford Castle Hotel… Enjoy!

Bermuda Vacation Videos

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05/22/2014 – “Dylan at the kids pool” (Tucker’s Point Beach Club, Bermuda)

Here are several of my home movies from our spring trip to Bermuda. I put together all of the best videos in to five different movies for your viewing pleasure. I hope to post some of Dylan’s biking videos in the near future… stay tuned!!

05/23/2014 – “Dylan at the beach” (Tucker’s Point Beach Club, Bermuda)

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