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Dylan Being Dylan!

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Dylan showing great skill and patience while organizing his Hot Wheels Cars on the table.

Here are a few pictures of Dylan around the house having fun and just being himself… which is a normal kid thing I guess!?

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Landscaping Project…

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Just a few photos of the yard after the trimming, planting and mulching project we completed this spring. Wow, I sure am happy that the grass came back after the worker who put in the patio damn near destroyed it last winter!
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The Blizzard Of 2009!

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I haven’t seen this much snow at one time in Arlington in years. I think the last time we had a snow storm of this magnitude in the Washington DC metro area I was still in high school… yea, it’s been a while!! I managed to click off a few photos during breaks from my shoveling duties and have uploaded them for your viewing pleasure. As beautiful as this area is when it’s covered in snow, I really hope we don’t get anymore this year… I’m not sure my back could handle it!
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Townhouse For Rent!

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Well its taken a while, but Julie has finally finished fixing up her old townhouse and making it rent ready. It was mostly just cosmetics that needed to be done with a couple of small repairs like new faucets in the master bathroom. But now that the place is completely emptied out with fresh paint and clean carpets, we’re ready to put it on the market… for rent.

I’m not going to go into details about location or price… lets just say it’s in Arlington and very close to the Key Bridge. Our Realtor has taken on the job of finding a qualified tenant and then managing the property for us after that.

This is really helpful because it will free up our weekends once again. It seems like every weekend for the past several months has been spent working on the townhouse. Now finally, we can relax a bit and do something else with our spare time!

I’ve also added some photos of the inside that I took this past weekend while finishing things up….

UPDATE: Here’s the new online listing.
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House For Sale!!

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House for sale!

I have finally finished fixing my house up for sale and listed it on the market! My realtor has warned me that the market is in pretty poor shape and right now is not the best time to be selling a house. At the same time I don’t have a choice as Julie and I have already purchased and moved into our new home. I guess there isn’t much one can do about the timing of things, but I don’t believe that dropping the price on a home to make a quick sale is the way to go either. After all, people put a lot of time and energy into their homes over the years and to have to settle for less than what it’s truly worth all because of the ‘timing’… well, that just isn’t fair!

Any way, I have a little time still before I get desperate about selling… so for now, I’ll hold out and see what the market does for the first quarter of 2008!

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