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Halloween 2014

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“Julie and Uncle Mike dressed up for the occasion” – Trick-Or-Treating – Arlington, VA.

Here are some photos from Dylan’s Halloween weekend including his school parade and the evenings trick-or-treating festivities with the grand parents and uncle Mike! And yes… even Julie and uncle Mike dressed up to get in the spirit of the moment. We all had a lot of fun and Dylan brought home a huge amount of candy for the evening.
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Trick or Treat – Halloween Video

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10/31/2014 – “Dylan’s first year of Trick or Treating!” – Arlington, VA.

Wish I had remembered to bring a better video camera for Dylan’s first night of house to house ‘Trick or Treating’! Oh well, here is one of the videos I did manage to find on my phone… I hope you enjoy it.

DCCX CycleCross 2014

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Today Julie, Dylan and I spent the afternoon in Washington at the Armed Forces Retirement Center cheering on my Brother as he raced through the woods for the 2014 DC Cycle Cross in hopes of a top 3 finish and a medal. Even with a great start, he would not be on the podium this year as one to many wrecks would push him back to around 10 place in the standings, but Dylan, riding in his second kids cycle cross race would bring home a medal. We were all very proud of both the family cycle racers!
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Dylan Washing His Caddy

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10/11/2014 – “Dylan washing his Cadillac Escalade after cruising the park”

Here is a cute little video of Dylan washing his battery powered Cadillac after coming home from the park. He said he needed to wash it before he put it away so it would be clean for tomorrow. I told him it was going to rain, but he said he didn’t mind… “It still needs to be clean for tomorrow, Daddy!”