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Daddy’s New Ride!

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As an early Christmas present to myself I have finally decided to break down and get a new vehicle. My current vehicle, even though it has very low miles, is still going on ten years of age. It’s also starting to have some issues with electrical system components as well as some mechanical issues, but is still in pretty great shape.

So I decided to replace my old 2006 Cadillac Escalade (a hand-me-down from my grandfather) with a brand new 2015 Cadillac Escalade… and so far, I am thoroughly impressed with this vehicle. I had to special order it due to the fact that they were on back order, so I didn’t get a chance to really drive and check it out before hand… but WOW, I like it!! Let’s hope Dylan doesn’t try to write his name on the side of this one with a stick like he did my last one!
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Bermuda Vacation Videos

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09/16/2014 – “Dylan enjoying a day at the kids pool” – Tucker’s Point Beach Club

As promised, here are a couple of home movies from our recent trip to Bermuda with the grand parents. I’ve started to do a lot more video on our trips now that I have a newer more powerful video editing software at my disposal. I also plan to create a new platform on my website for showing off my videos in my travel/dive trip section… more on that later.
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Bermuda Family Vacation Part-2

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“Ray and Barbara outside The Point Restaurant before dinner” – Tucker’s Point Hotel & Spa, Bermuda.

Here are some more photos from our annual end of summer family trip to Bermuda. I have to thank my father for taking and sharing a lot of the photos in this post… it’s hard to take photos of your son and be in them at the same time! Thanks again Dad and I hope you and Mom, as well as Bruce and Ann, had a wonderful time staying with us for the week. Hope we can do it again soon!!
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Bermuda Family Vacation Part-1

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“Looking out over Tucker’s Point private beach” – Tucker’s Point Beach Club, Bermuda.

We changed things up a little for our annual end of summer Bermuda trip this year. My parents, even they travel a lot, have never been to Bermuda, so Julie and I thought it would be nice to have them accompany us and Dylan for a week of fun in the sun. What made this trip even better was having Julie’s parents there at the same time so Dylan could enjoy all the grand parents at once. I think everyone had a very nice time and the grand parents got to enjoy some very special quality time with their favorite grand son… Dylan.
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