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Our Bermuda Vacation Part-1

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Swimming in from the surf at the beach club – Tucker’s Point, Bermuda

Here is the first installment of photos from our Fall family vacation to Bermuda. As always, we had a great time on the island and this trip the weather was just outstanding! This week we spent a lot of time at the beach club and Dylan tried his level best to wear out the kids pool, but we also found time to take a nice walking tour of St. Georges with one of the islands most knowable historians.

We didn’t have a chance to do any diving on this trip, but Julie and I did get in a couple rounds of golf. We even talked Stephanie into babysitting for us one night so we could take advantage of a nice dinner out at The Point Restaurant, one of Bermuda’s finest dining spots! I’ll be adding another post with more photos shortly… and keep an eye out for my videos from the trip, they’ll be added soon too!
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Boating In Belmont Bay

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Master Dylan at the helm of ‘M/V Our Pleasure’ – Occoquan, VA.

With the end of the summer just on the horizon, I thought it might be appropriate to post some photos from our 2012 boating season. I didn’t take as many photos this year as I normally do, and to be honest, it didn’t feel like we did as much boating as we have in years past either… guess I’ll have to make up for it next season!
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Cruisin’ Up The River!

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8/05/2012 – The boat ride back up river from Fairview Beach, VA. (music by: Ace Of Base)

Here is a little short video clip I put together from video I had on my cell phone. Me and the boys are enjoying a beautiful ride back up river after spending the day at Fairview Beach. I had to edit out the wind noise and decided to add a little cruisin’ music to the clip… enjoy! (Music by: Ace Of Base)

Dylan Using A Fork!

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8/02/2012 – Dylan using a metal fork for the first time… unassisted! (Arlington, VA)

Here is a short home video of Dylan finally using a fork on his own. I thought for the longest time this kid just wasn’t going to get it, but then we realized it wasn’t that he couldn’t use a fork… he just didn’t want to use the plastic forks that Julie has been giving him. Dylan wanted a big person metal fork… he must figure he can do more damage to his food with that one!

Fripp Island Golf Trip

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The view from the deck of our beach front rental – Fripp Island, SC

This summer we rented a beach front vacation home with several of our friends for a week on Fripp Island, South Carolina. It was to be a week of fun in the sun with everything from surf fishing to golfing included! Wow, what a great week it was… the weather was awesome with the exception of a heavy steady wind everyday, but that did help to keep the temperature down in the comfortable range. Charlie, Chris and I played golf just about every day and really enjoyed the courses. I think we’re going to have to pencil this trip into or calendar again for next year… this is a great place to vacation and I promise to take more photos next time!
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Dylan Time In Bermuda

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5/21/2012 – Dylan enjoying all that Bermuda has to offer! (Tucker’s Point, Bermuda)

Here are a couple of short home movies I put together from our spring vacation in Bermuda. You will notice they are appropriately titled “Dylan Time” parts 1 & 2… and yes, it’s all about Dylan! Despite the weather, we all had a really great time this week and I really believe that Dylan could have a good time here even in a category 4 Hurricane. I mean really, you’re going to get wet at the pool anyway right!?

5/23/2012 – Dylan and Stephanie at the beach club (Tucker’s Point Beach Club, Bermuda)

Our Spring Bermuda Vacation

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Dylan enjoying a beautiful day at the beach – Tucker’s Point Beach Club, Bermuda

It’s becoming a tradition for us to spend a couple of weeks every year at one of our favorite island getaways… The Tucker’s Point Club in Bermuda. So to break up the craziness of the year, we try to get away to our island paradise once in the spring and then again in the fall. It’s a great place to go and relax or get in a couple rounds of golf and Dylan has become a real fan of the beautiful beaches.

This spring the weather was not quite as nice as one would expect, so we ended up doing a little more sightseeing and shopping than normal. We did however manage to get in a couple of really nice beach days and Dylan always has a good time in Bermuda… rain or shine! I’ll be posting some videos shortly, but for now we hope you enjoy the photos!
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Pool Time In West Palm

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4/07/2012 – Dylan enjoying the kids pool at Easter vacation. (West Palm, Florida)

The pool at Grandma & Grandpa’s place in West Palm was not as warm as it normally is this time of year. This was partly due to a colder than normal winter/spring and also due to a broken heater unit. I would forgo the swimming on this trip, but Dylan had other ideas about what was too cold for water sports!

So, in an attempt to make our little one happy, we filled the plastic kids pool with water and let the sunshine keep it as warm as the weather conditions allowed. I really believe that at the age of two the human body has no sense of what is too cold… it’s all about what is fun! Here are a couple of home movies for your viewing pleasure.

4/07/2012 – Dylan showing off his water skills during Easter Vacation. (West Palm, Florida)

Dylan’s Easter Vacation

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The Easter Egg Dash at The Country Club – Easter Vacation in West Palm, Florida

This year we spent Easter vacation in Florida again with Julies parents and as usual Dylan had a really great time. Susan, Jason and their kids also came down for the long weekend so it turned out to be a nice little family gathering. I think Dylan was still a little young to truly get into the Easter egg dash, but he did enjoy the other activities at the club and as always, it was nearly impossible to keep him out of the pool! I’ll add some videos of our trip in my next post.
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KCIHL Winter 2011-2012 Championship

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The Ballston Tropics Hockey Club – 2011 & 2012 Winter KCIHL C-1 Division Champions

Well we did it… we won the big one once again! For the third straight season, the Ballston Tropics Hockey Club has taken home the championship trophy for their division. It was no surprise that the Clusterpucks put up an incredible fight and even managed to tie things up in the third period and thus send the game into sudden death overtime. But with the guys firing on all cylinders, we managed to put in the winning goal just a couple of minutes into OT. Outstanding game guys… Go Tropics!! Click on the link to see all the photos from the game and celebration afterwords at Rock Bottom Brewery… Enjoy!
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