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Landscaping Project…

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Just a few photos of the yard after the trimming, planting and mulching project we completed this spring. Wow, I sure am happy that the grass came back after the worker who put in the patio damn near destroyed it last winter!
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Boating In Belmont Bay

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Enjoying a beautiful sunset as we get ready to head back into the marina.

This is my first installment of photos for the 2011 summer boating season here in Belmont Bay, Virginia. I’ll try to add more and even a video or two later this year.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the summer… I know we have!
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Upgrading PHP for WordPress v3.2…

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WordPress v3.2 was just released last week and if you didn’t bother to read the Development Blog you probably didn’t get the memo that some of the minimum system requirements for the new version of WordPress have changed. Your system must now support PHP 5.2.4 or better and MySQL 5.0 or better. In other words, older systems that do not get maintained and updated on a somewhat regular basis might have a problem when users of WordPress try to update their blogs to version 3.2! If you’re an end-user running your blog on someone else’s server, you will simply need to contact your server administrator and have them perform the upgrades.  If you’re like me and maintain your own servers, you’ll have to perform the upgrades yourself.

You can find the how-to info online at the php.net Website or by searching your particular system and the module you’re looking to upgrade on Google. For my system, which is a Linux system running CentOS v5.6, it was a fairly easy upgrade, but the trick is that only one version of PHP can be installed and running on the server at a time. PHP 5.1.x will not upgrade automatically to the new version PHP 5.3.6, so you first have to uninstall the old version completely before installing the new version. If you’re running CentOS 5.6 (or Red Hat 5.6 for Linux) there are now PHP 5.3 packages already included in the OS, and ready to be installed.  (View Photos, Slideshows, Videos & More»)

The Patio Project (Part 2)

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unwrapping some of our new wicker patio furniture

Our custom patio is finally finished and to accent it we ordered some new wicker furniture which was delivered this week. Julie and Dylan seem to be very pleased with the choice and I think it will add a new dimension to our outdoor summer party which is coming up in a month or so! Next up, a fire pit for the fall… any body know where I can find firewood in Arlington?!
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Panoramic Photography – Bermuda

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Panoramic view of Castle Harbor from our Golf Villa at Tucker’s Point

I recently picked up a new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55 camera as a light weight alternative to my large Nikon DSLR. I love the photo quality I get with the larger DSLR cameras, but having to lug them around all the time with an array of different lenses can be a bit much. So after looking at the reviews I purchased the Sony as a take-everywhere pocket camera… and so far I love it!!

Panoramic view of the Atlantic at the Tucker’s Point Beach Club

The Sony DSC-H55 is a 14.1 mega pixel camera that also captures full 1080p HD video and stores it on SD-HC flash cards for easy uploading. One of the features I’m just starting to get use to is the ‘sweep panorama’ mode which takes several pictures as you sweep the camera from left to right and then stitches them together for you. This cuts out another editing process and thus makes shooting panoramic photography easier and more fun. Here are a couple of sample photos that I took while in Bermuda last month… enjoy, there will be more to come!

Fort St. Catherine & St. George’s

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Fort St. Catherine – St. George’s Parish, Bermuda

We took a cab up to the town of St. George’s today to take a tour of one of the few British Fort on the island that I haven’t seen… Fort St. Catherine. The Fort was originally built in 1614 and is not only the oldest fort on the island, but is one of the biggest as well. It was first built by Governor Richard Moore to defend Gates Bay where the colonists landed. It has been built upon many times over the years and where it started out as a simple watch tower in the early 1600’s it is defiantly one of my favorite forts on the island to date!
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An Early Bermuda Getaway

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Our little Dylan eyeing Julie’s frozen margarita… the answer is NO!

Spring time in Bermuda is always fantastic and this year would prove to be no different. One nice spin on this years early vacation would be the celebration of Dylan’s second trip to the Island. Now that he’s a little older and much more mobile, we will get to see how he reacts to the huge sand box known as the beach. The last time he was here he had a major fit every time Julie or I tried to put him down in the sand. Since then, Julie has spent a great deal of time working with him in the sand box at our local playground. Hey, he’s my son… he’s got to love the beach, right!!

I’ll try to post some videos from the trip when time permits, but for now, we hope that the Lightbox photo gallery will hold you over… Enjoy!!
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Easter In West Palm

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Dylan enjoying some family time in the pool – Easter vacation in West Palm, Florida

For all the Dylan fans out there… here’s another Lightbox Gallery filled with photos of your favorite little dude! I will be posting more galleries soon featuring Master Dylan’s most recent travels and adventures… Enjoy!
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Dylan’s Easter Vacation

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Okay, I know you’ve all been waiting patiently for me to finish editing the videos from our Easter vacation to Florida, so finally, here it is… our official ‘Dylan in West Palm’ video montage. I have to thank my brother for the video editing software he got for me this past Christmas… it really works well and makes the editing process for large format HD videos so much easier!

Dylan vs. The Kitchen Door…

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Here are a couple more cute videos of Dylan using his new found mobility skills to try and explore more of his great big new world. I have a feeling he’s going to be just like his dad… an escape artist!

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