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National Harbor Marina…

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M/V Our Pleasure @ National Harbor
The M/V ‘Our Pleasure’ tied up at the National Harbor Marina

This is just a small collection of photos from our boating trip up to National Harbor, Maryland. We didn’t stay the night (this time), but plan on taking advantage of the beautiful marina again in the near future for a weekend get-away! The docks are very nice and there are so many restaurants to choose from within walking distance of the marina… it’s an excellent place for an overnighter! Oh yeah, Mike was with us on this trip wasn’t he… check out the photos!!

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On The Blocks at PWM…

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The M/V “Our Pleasure” on blocks at Prince William Marina

Every two years we have to have our boat, M/V “Our Pleasure”, pulled from the waters of the Potomac and blocked at Prince William Marina for maintenance. Well this was the year and along with the usual cleaning and bottom paint she also need a good compounding and waxing and all the zincs replaced this time around. While she was high and dry, I also had the fiberglass guy stop by and fix a large crack in the swim platform from where we got blown into a piling during a bad storm two years ago. Oh yea, there’s always something to fix with a boat… after all, that’s what BOAT stands for you know… “Break Out Another Thousand”!!

The guys at PWM are great and along with the outstanding service and high quality of workmanship, I even got a little break on the price for being such a good customer (what ever that means). Regardless of cost, boat maintenance is a necessary evil and with out it… well lets just say that a boat won’t last long if not properly maintained. So after a little more than a week of being out of the water and up on blocks, it looks like “Our Pleasure” is again ready for another fun filled boating season on the Potomac! Enjoy the photos and check out that wax job…!!!
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The Memorial Day Weekend..

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Me and Mike at Belmont Bay!
Me and my brother Mike on the back of ¬†M/V “Our Pleasure” @ Belmont Bay

The thing I like most about the Memorial Day weekend is that it signifies the start of Summer. This is also one of the best weekends for boating in my opinion. Face it, after a long winter everyone has the itch to hit the water for the long three day weekend… and this year the weather was most¬†cooperative! Here are a few photos from the weekend events on the water at Belmont Bay… Enjoy!
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Little Dylan At 3 Months…

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Dylan is almost 3 months old now, so as promised, I’m adding a few more photos to the Website so that the family (and his following) may keep up with his progress. This past weekend Dylan enjoyed his first official day out on the boat! He’s not quite ready for full sun yet, but he still enjoyed being out on the water with his Mom and Dad. More photos to come soon…!!
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Whiney Girlfriend Video…

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If you’re the type of person who loves being on the water and loves your boat, you will totally love this ad by Nitro Bass Boats. You can ask a guy to put up with a lot… but don’t even mention trying to make him sell his boat!!

Weekly Twitter Updates: 2010-03-14

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  • Had an awesome hockey game tonight even if it ended in a tie…. it just makes you feel alive to mix it up with the guys on Friday night!! #
  • Heading to Home Depot to maybe put something down on a new snowblower… if they have any left, that is!! I'm getting sick of snow!! #
  • The Capitals had their twelfth straight win tonight in NYC against the Rangers… keeping the streak alive!! Way To Go CAPS!!!! #
  • Latest Forecast: Arlington -18 to 24 inches. Stafford and points South – more than 2 feet expected! http://www.erh.noaa.gov/lwx/winterstorm/ #
  • Arlington, VA. – Total snow accumulations of more than 2 feet now expected for the area! I'm breakin' out the snowboard & finding a slope!! #
  • It's time for some hockey…. Let's Go CAPS!!!!! #
  • OMG!!!… We are gonna get so much snow it's not even funny any more!!!! #
  • Okay, I am so freakin' over this snow crap… someone please make it stop!!!! #
  • I was looking forward to going to work today, but thanks to the wonderful snow removal services of Arlington Co. it's just not gonna happen! #
  • Well it looks like today is going to be the day… #
  • Dylan Michael Vanderbilt, born Feb. 9, 2010 @ 3:30 pm… Welcome to the world, my son!!!! #
  • ….My life will never be the same ever again!! (Missing normality, big time!!) #

Dylan’s First Month…!

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I’ve had a lot of people calling and emailing, asking when they might get a chance to meet the newest member of our family. First off I want to thank everyone for all the warm wishes that have been circulating on Facebook and through our email in-boxes… believe me, it is not unnoticed!! Julie and I are trying to keep up with all the email, but with the new addition we don’t seem to have as much free time as before… “gee, ya think!”

As for Dylan, well he is doing just fine and we are very happy to finally have him home from the NICU! Unfortunately though, the fact remains… he is still a premature baby and due to his size and age, he is much more susceptible to health issues than most. For this reason, Julie and I are going to try and hold off having visitors, at least until he reaches several months of age. Please be patient… it’s going to take a while for us to adjust to our new lifestyle of parenthood! For now, here are some photos of Dylan during his first month on the planet… Enjoy!!
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The Blizzard Of 2010!

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I haven’t had much time lately to edit photos or make posts in my journal and once I get around to posting my next entry you’ll understand why! For now here are some photos from the big snowstorm of 2010… we’ll the first one of 2010 that is!!
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Weekly Twitter Updates: 2010-01-24

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  • Merry Christmas everyone and best wishes for the holidays!!! #
  • Interesting article… RT @mashable Google's 2009: A Glimpse of the Web's Next Decade http://bit.ly/7IqJq4 #
  • Being over-charged and double-charged by online retailers for x-mas purchases sucks! Trying to get them to fix their mistakes… Argh!! #
  • Happy New Year everyone!!!! #
  • Congrats to the USA Hockey Team for their 6 to 5 overtime win over Canada to take the Gold Medal in the IIHF World Juniors Championships!! #
  • OMG!… 6:30 in the morning really sucks!… please, I need more sleep!! #
  • Okay, now the day is officially dragging on… and on…. and on…. and on…!!!! #
  • New server is finally up and running! Looks like there's gonna be a lot of tweaking over the next several days… more sleepless nights!! #
  • Finally home and looking forward to kicking back and watching the CAPS game!! Let's Go CAPS!!!!! #
  • … well let's see if the Caps can do a little better job of staying in the game tonight!!! #
  • ….tired as hell, don't feel well and I'm about ready to become unplugged!! #
  • New journal post: The Macy's Day Parade 2009! http://oceanimagery.com/journal/2009/12/10/the-macys-day-parade-2009/ #
  • New journal post: The Blizzard Of 2009! http://oceanimagery.com/journal/2009/12/20/the-blizzard-of-2009/ #
  • New journal post: New Year – New Dell Server! http://oceanimagery.com/journal/2010/01/06/new-year-new-dell-server/ #
  • After a really busy past two months I finally feel like I'm starting to get caught up on personal stuff… I need more slow days like this! #
  • TGIF… I feel the need to play some hockey!!!! #

Akismet Stats for 2009…

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Akismet activity chart for my WordPress journal…

The Akismet plugin for my WordPress journal is one of the best features for controlling unwanted comment spam! It comes as a standard plugin with the WordPress install, but you have to activate your account with WordPress.org to make it function properly. Akismet works so well that I almost never have to do anything more than the occasional plugin update, but when I do check up on it I’m always impressed to see the stats for the amount of comment spam it’s blocked.

I just ran some reports for the last half of 2009 and was very pleased with the results of both the Akismet plugin and the WordPress Publishing platform as a whole!

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