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Julie’s Baby Shower…!

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First off, Julie wanted me to thank everyone for attending her baby shower last weekend and for all the lovely gifts… she is truly blessed to have so many great friends! We also wanted to thank Julie’s sister Susan for making the trip down from Canada and organizing the entire event… it was truly a special day! We know that there were some of you who couldn’t make it to the shower and we do understand and hope that all is well. For those of you who were fortunate enough to make it and those of you who were unable to attend, here are some photos I took during the festivities. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and look forward to seeing everyone again very soon…!!
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The 2009 Boating Season…

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I’ve taken the time to put together a small collection of photos that Julie and I took during this past summer. Most of these photos never made the normal journal posts because they were on our small camera (the one Julie uses) which doesn’t get downloaded very often. After cleaning out our little camera for the up coming holidays, I realized that I really hadn’t posted a whole lot of photos from the boating season. I normally try to post at least two boating photo stories a month during the summer, but this past summer was so busy I just didn’t have the time. So, as a tribute to this past summer, and the fun and sun that it gave us, here are some pictures to keep us warm over the winter…. Enjoy!!
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Home For The Holidays…

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This year we decided to host the Christmas festivities at our house instead of traveling out to my Parents place. It would be the first year for us putting up a tree in our new home and so we thought it would be nice to host the Family Christmas dinner as well. I think my mother was the most excited about it, for this would be the first year in a very long time that she wouldn’t have to cook or clean up afterwords. We also thought it would be fitting to share this wonderful time of the year with our family and friends, so I’ve added some photos from Christams day. We’d like to thank everyone for all the wonderful Christmas cards we have received and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Townhouse For Rent!

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Well its taken a while, but Julie has finally finished fixing up her old townhouse and making it rent ready. It was mostly just cosmetics that needed to be done with a couple of small repairs like new faucets in the master bathroom. But now that the place is completely emptied out with fresh paint and clean carpets, we’re ready to put it on the market… for rent.

I’m not going to go into details about location or price… lets just say it’s in Arlington and very close to the Key Bridge. Our Realtor has taken on the job of finding a qualified tenant and then managing the property for us after that.

This is really helpful because it will free up our weekends once again. It seems like every weekend for the past several months has been spent working on the townhouse. Now finally, we can relax a bit and do something else with our spare time!

I’ve also added some photos of the inside that I took this past weekend while finishing things up….

UPDATE: Here’s the new online listing.
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Our Toronto Trip…

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Julie and I wanted to thank her sister Susan and her husband Jason for allowing us to stay with them while in Toronto for the ‘family retreat’ last month. We had such a great time and it’s always nice to hear that everyone is doing so well. We also really enjoyed being able to spend so much quality time with the kids. Because of the distance, Julie and I don’t normally get the see them very often and that makes trips like this one very special!

I’ve been asked to keep most of the pictures private since there almost all photos of the kids, but here are a few shots from our outing to an apple picking orchard.
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Congratulations Christina & Colin..!!

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Christina & Colin exchanging wedding vows on the beach!

Julie and I just wanted to congratulate our good friends Christina and Colin on their wedding last month. It was a small family only wedding, so I don’t have any photos to share, but Christina did email us one photo that she said I could use for this post. We hope that you have long and healthy lives together and wish you both all the happiness in the world!!

Congratulations to you both and have a great honeymoon!!

~Doug & Julie

Christmas Day!

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This year Julie and I spent Christmas day at my parents place along with my brother, his girlfriend and of course his two dogs.  Chrismas day is always a nice gathering for our family and this year was no different! The best part for me is going home to Mom’s cooking!! I’m sure everyone would agree… you just can’t top a home cooked meal from Mom!!

Julie and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making this a great Christmas and a very happy and productive year! Follow this link for a few more pictures…
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Dusty Lee Has Past Away – Springfield, VA

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Sir Dusty Lee Vanderbilt
My Very Best Friend, Dusty Lee – We’ll Miss You Greatly!!!

Dusty Lee has been more than just my dog for the past twelve and a half years, he has been my best friend, loyal companion & one of the smartest and kindest pets I have ever owned! He past away at home of natural causes in the middle of the night. As some of you know, I lost my other dog Casey earlier this year to cancer. Casey and Dusty were like brother & sister to one another; Truly two peas in a pod! I think Dusty took it pretty hard when we lost Casey but he seemed to snap back quite well after several weeks.

It’s hard writing this, even now, almost two weeks after Dusty’s passing. Going home to a empty house after becoming a custom to being greeted every night with the unconditional love of your pet & best friend is very hard. I think of him all the time and will miss him for a very long time to come! I have posted this along with a photo slideshow as a tribute to my dog and very best friend – Dusty Lee!!

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Doug & Julie’s Wedding Celebration

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Our Wedding Celebration - St. Michaels, MD
Doug & Julie’s Wedding Celebration – Photo by: Erwin Thamm

I’m not going to go into a huge write up about the wedding… I will just say that it was Phenomenal!!! Julie and I can not thank our friends and family enough for making this day on of the most memorable days of our lives! We would like to thank all of our venders for the outstanding service and the personal touch that made this event a huge success with all of our guests!

Julie and I would also like to thank everyone who took pictures at the wedding and sent them into have me post them on my Web site. A big thank you goes out to our friend Erwin for the great pictures he took during the celebration… I would have been taking pictures too, but I would have looked a little funny with a big Nikon camera hanging around my neck during the ceremony.

Check out the wedding photo slideshow here»
NOTE: photos were taken by several different photographers – please observe copyrights!

Julie & Doug / Engaged For New Years!

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Doug and Julie
Doug & Julie on New Years Eve 2006

Julie and I have been kicking the idea of marriage around for a while now, but I really wanted to make sure she was okay with it before I popped the question. I guess you could say I kind of set her up… I didn’t do it on purpose, it just kind of worked out that way. For the past month I have been throwing the idea at her that we should get engaged but I kept telling her that I would have to ask her at just the right time and in just the right setting. For some reason she started thinking that New Years Eve would be that place and time; maybe I hinted around in that general direction a little but I never actually told her that!!

Anyway, I was planning on taking Julie out on New Years Eve for a nice dinner, some wine and maybe a little dancing… you know, just the two of us. Well, it turned out that Julie invited another couple (friends of ours) to join us for the evening at the Old Anglers Inn Restaurant in Maryland… I really didn’t think anything of it at the time, after all, we have gone out to dinner with Christina and Tom before and always had a great time so I knew this time would be no different.

The evening went very well and all parties had a great time… the one thing that none of us new was that the restaurant closed before mid-night, so there would be no watching the ball drop from the dance floor not to mention they didn’t even have a dance floor!! So in trying to keep this short I will just get to the punch line… I didn’t realize that Julie was expecting me to pop the question sometime during the evening… so I didn’t!!

Boy, did I get an ear full the next morning!! It all worked out anyway… I popped the question while she was crying and confronting me first thing in the morning (that was fun). Then I had to put up with her crying after I asked her too. Well at least I didn’t have to see her get all emotional while we were at dinner… that could have been very ugly!

We will be posting some photo galleries of the pre-wedding festivities… so stay tuned!!

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