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Dylan’s Halloween Party

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Dylan and Julie in their Monsters’ Inc. “Sully” costumes during the Manatee Class Halloween party.

Julie and I took the morning off so that we could spend it with Dylan and his preschool class for their annual Halloween party. It was so much fun to see him interacting with his friends at school and he did a great job during the school parade through the neighborhood. If you cant tell, he went as Sully from the movie “Monsters, Inc.” And as you can see so did Julie…!!

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National Harbor Day

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Julie and Dylan running around on the site of “The Awakening” – National Harbor, MD

Here are some photos from our annual end of summer boating day up river to National Harbor Marina. This year we had four boats and about ten people make the run for some good food and fun at one of our favorite local restaurants!

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Key West Fishing Videos

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09/25/2013 – Chris having a little fun while teasing the bait fish! (Marathon Key, FL.)

Here are a few of my home made videos from ‘the guys fishing trip’ to the Florida Keys… Enjoy!

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Florida Keys Fishing Trip

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Charlie, Chris, Paul and I on our way out to Sombrero Reef – Marathon Key, FL.

Me and the boys spent a week in Marathon Key, Florida doing some off shore fishing this past week and I must say… I Had A Blast!! There is nothing better than catching and eating fresh fish every night!

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Fripp Island Golf & Fishing Trip

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Dylan and his dump truck on the beach – Fripp Island, SC

Last years trip to Fripp Island was so much fun that we decided to rent the same house and do it again this year! This year the fishing was better, but we caught more black tip sharks than expected. After Charlie pulled in a 3 plus footer, we decided to give the fishing a rest to keep from scaring away all the other vacationers. The golf was great and we managed to play several different courses in the area including Sanctuary, Legends at Parris Island and Ocean Point. Wow, what a great week!! There were so many great photos from the trip that I couldn’t put them all on the site, but here are the best of the best… enjoy!!
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Tropics Playoffs – First Round

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The Tropics goaltender, Joe Harris, standing tall between the pipes!

The Ballston Tropics Hockey Club started out their 2012-2013 winter playoff run with a game against their old friends the Clusterpucks. After beating the Pucks 4-2 in the first round, the Tropics would go on to be eliminated in the second round by the Rocco’s in what would be called the worst officiated hockey game ever! I’d like to thank Jen Harris for the fantastic photos she has taken of the team this past season!!

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Ballston Tropics Hockey

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The Ballston Tropics Hockey Club – 2012 KCIHL Winter Adult League

I have posted about my adult league hockey team many times in the past, but the last couple of seasons we have been performing slightly below average. This season however, I am happy to report that it looks like we may actually take first place for the regular season in our division and the first seed in the playoffs. We still have a couple of games to go before playoff time, but we could do no worse than second as it stands now!

Our goaltender, Joe Harris, asked his wife Jennifer to come out and take some photos of our most recent game against the Night Caps, for use on the Ballston Tropics Website. This would turn out to be a great night for both hockey and photography where as not only did we win the game, but Jennifer ended up capturing some excellent photos of the game and the team as well! A big thank you from myself and the rest of the team to Jennifer White Harris for taking the time to photograph the game!
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Boating In Belmont Bay

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Master Dylan at the helm of ‘M/V Our Pleasure’ – Occoquan, VA.

With the end of the summer just on the horizon, I thought it might be appropriate to post some photos from our 2012 boating season. I didn’t take as many photos this year as I normally do, and to be honest, it didn’t feel like we did as much boating as we have in years past either… guess I’ll have to make up for it next season!
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Cruisin’ Up The River!

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8/05/2012 – The boat ride back up river from Fairview Beach, VA. (music by: Ace Of Base)

Here is a little short video clip I put together from video I had on my cell phone. Me and the boys are enjoying a beautiful ride back up river after spending the day at Fairview Beach. I had to edit out the wind noise and decided to add a little cruisin’ music to the clip… enjoy! (Music by: Ace Of Base)

Fripp Island Golf Trip

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The view from the deck of our beach front rental – Fripp Island, SC

This summer we rented a beach front vacation home with several of our friends for a week on Fripp Island, South Carolina. It was to be a week of fun in the sun with everything from surf fishing to golfing included! Wow, what a great week it was… the weather was awesome with the exception of a heavy steady wind everyday, but that did help to keep the temperature down in the comfortable range. Charlie, Chris and I played golf just about every day and really enjoyed the courses. I think we’re going to have to pencil this trip into or calendar again for next year… this is a great place to vacation and I promise to take more photos next time!
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