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Mike’s Cyclocross Race

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Mike Vanderbilt of ‘Team V-Day’ tearing it up at the DC Cyclecross – Washington, DC

Here are a couple of photos from my brother’s race at the DC Cyclecross which took place on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, DC. I wish I had remembered to bring my DSLR camera for this event, but I was glad I had my little Sony DSC-H55 pocket camera… there would have been no chance at all of catching the action with a cellphone camera! Dylan really enjoyed watching Uncle Mike ride in the race, so I’ll have to remember to bring the Nikon next time…!
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A Day At The Zoo

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Dylan at the National Zoo for Ingrid’s Birthday Party – Washington, DC

A friend of Dylan’s had a birthday party at the zoo this weekend and Dylan, being mister popular that he is, had to make an appearance. It was a really nice 4th birthday party for a little girl named Ingrid and believe me, she was the popular one today! Here are a couple of pictures from the festivities… enjoy!
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A.C.F.D Open House

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My Boy Dylan… working it like he owns it! 

This weekend we took Dylan to the Arlington County Fire Department’s annual open house at Fire Station #6. Dylan has become a huge fire truck guy, as are most boys his age, and we thought it would be nice to let him get up close and personal with some real fire equipment. After two hours of running around and climbing on everything in sight he was wiped out! Here are a couple of pictures from the day… enjoy!
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@OceanImagery Too bad the only winning team in DC right now is T…

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Too bad the only winning team in DC right now is The Ballston Tropics… Better luck next year #Nats !!

Bermuda Panoramic Photography

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Panoramic Photograph – Tucker’s Point Beach Club, Bermuda

I took a bunch of panoramic photos while we were on vacation in Bermuda last month, with the hopes that one of them would be nice enough to print out for a 36″ wide frame I have downstairs. Out of the thirty plus photos I shot in this format, I only come up with maybe four I could use. I’ll have to print each one of them out to see how they will actually look in the frame.
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