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Cruisin’ Up The River!

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8/05/2012 – The boat ride back up river from Fairview Beach, VA. (music by: Ace Of Base)

Here is a little short video clip I put together from video I had on my cell phone. Me and the boys are enjoying a beautiful ride back up river after spending the day at Fairview Beach. I had to edit out the wind noise and decided to add a little cruisin’ music to the clip… enjoy! (Music by: Ace Of Base)

Dylan Using A Fork!

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8/02/2012 – Dylan using a metal fork for the first time… unassisted! (Arlington, VA)

Here is a short home video of Dylan finally using a fork on his own. I thought for the longest time this kid just wasn’t going to get it, but then we realized it wasn’t that he couldn’t use a fork… he just didn’t want to use the plastic forks that Julie has been giving him. Dylan wanted a big person metal fork… he must figure he can do more damage to his food with that one!