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Thanksgiving In Captiva…

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Dylan day-dreaming in his floaty at the pool – South Seas Island Resort, Captiva

Every other year we try to make the trip down to Captiva Florida to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with Julie’s family and all of her Cousins, Nieces and Nephews. It’s always a nice time getting together with Julie’s immediate family, but being able to get the entire family together in one place like this every two years is truly special. What made this year even more special was that there would be a new member added to the family reunion… little Dylan! Not only would this be Dylan’s first trip to Florida, but more importantly it would be the first time that Dylan would get to meet Julie’s Cousins and their children.

Julie, Dylan and I wanted to say thank you to everyone for a wonderful week! We look forward to getting together with everyone again soon, but until then please keep in touch. I’ve added some photos from the weeks events to this post… and yes, I know that most of them are of Dylan, but honestly… what did you expect?!
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Autumn At The Marina…

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An absolutely picture perfect day at Belmont Bay Marina – Nov. 14, 2010

Well it’s done… the boat is completely winterized and another awesome boating season unfortunately comes to a close. After finishing the work on the boat and installing the winter cockpit cover, I took a few moments to reflect on the past summer and then snapped off a few photos of the beautiful fall colors as I left the marina for the last time this year. It’s probably going to be another bad winter and I sure am going to miss her, but on a positive note… next season is only 4 or 5 months away!!
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Dylan At 9 Months…

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OMG! How could you not love a smile like that… what a cutie!!!

For all you Dylan fans… Just thought I’d share some new photos I recently took during one of his more playful evenings at home. He’s about 9 months in these photos and he is really starting to look more and more like me every day… at least I think so!! :-) I’ll try to upload some of his latest video’s to my site soon, but for now I hope you enjoy the photos…
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