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Fishing Under The Ice…

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Some under ice views from beautiful lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland

Just came across this video on YouTube and I felt the sudden urge to share it with everyone I know. The video was shot by some ice divers up in Finland and was very well done! Check it out…

The Cayman Islands… Revisited!

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Okay, so it’s been almost a year! That doesn’t mean that I’ve totally forgotten about it… it just means I’ve been a little busy!! Forgotten about what, you ask?! Well for those of you who don’t know where this is going let me bring you up to speed. In September of last year, Julie and I put together a dive trip to Grand Cayman for ourselves and a couple of friends of ours who had just finished their open-water scuba certification course.


It would be their first time diving in ‘true’ open-water and they asked me if I thought Grand Cayman would be a nice spot to break in their dive logs. My response… “Why hell yeah… there’s great diving in Cayman!!” Anyway, to make a long story a little shorter, we took our good friends Chris and Val to Grand Cayman for a week of excellent weather and better than average¬†diving on Cayman’s North Wall.
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