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Slot Car Racing

:: Tags: Dylan, Fun, Too Cool!


Some how Dylan talked his nanny into bringing the slot car race track upstairs this afternoon and helping him set it up. He told her that he wanted to surprise me when I got home from work and wanted to race cars with me because he was fast! It’s nice racing slot cars with your 5 year old son after work… it makes all the unpleasant work crap of the day fade away.

Dylan Wants A Dirtbike

:: Tags: General


While at my parents house for New Years dinner, Dylan found my brothers motorcycles in the garage where he stores them for the winter. He told us that he needed us to buy him one so he could learn how to ride. My brother said that when he gets a little older and a little bigger he would take care of that. I hope he can take care of the medical bills as well.

Blown Up Compressor!

:: Tags: Rants, WTF!!


I was startled out of my early morning pre-coffee comma by what sounded like a bomb exploding in the back supply room at work. Looks like the shop will be needing a replacement air compressor for the new year! Cant say I’ve ever seen one come apart like this before, but I was assured that the oil was changed in it less than a month ago…!?
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