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ICE at National Harbor!

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“Dylan and Frosty The Snowman @ ICE” – The Gaylord Hotel – National Harbor, MD.

We took Dylan to an event at The Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor this weekend called ‘ICE’. They put this ice sculpting event on every year at this time and this years theme was “Frosty The Snowman”. You can only imagine how excited Dylan was when he heard that ‘Frosty’ was going to be there this year. The ice sculptures were fantastic and I couldn’t believe how many of them there where, but one thing was for sure… is it was freakin’ cold!

This is my last post for 2104… I hope you enjoy the photos!!
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Dylan 2014

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This has been a fun year to be a father and to see my little man grow. He has learned to communicate, to reason and to ask questions that sometimes I have to think twice about answering. He has become a world traveler and brought both tears of joy and frustration to my eyes. But no matter what has happened or what the future holds for he and I… I wouldn’t change a thing!! This is a small collection of photos taken over this past year of my totally awesome and handsome son… Dylan!
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Dinosaurs Live!

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12/20/2014 – “Dinosaurs Live at the DC Armory” – Washington, DC

When my son gets something into his head, there is no way you are going to get around it. Dylan saw a advertisement on television last week for something called ‘Dinosaurs Live’ and told us that we had to go see the live dinosaurs. I tried to explain to him that the dinosaurs where not real, but he corrected me and said “but look dad, they move!” So as a Saturday afternoon excursion to humor my son, we drove down to the DC Armory for the show. Dylan thought it was great and had a ton of fun… I think we saw the entire exhibit at least twice! Here is a home movie from the show… enjoy!

Dinosaur’s Live!!

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Today we took Dylan downtown to the DC National Armory for a weekend event featuring… yep, you guessed it, Dinosaurs!! Dylan saw a commercial for the event on television and told us that we had to go. He made it sound like it was a life or death situation… “Dad, there are live dinosaurs there!!” Well we caved in like most parents do and headed down to see what all the fuss was about. I have to admit, it was fun and the robotic dinosaurs were as real as I would ever want them to be, but the lines for the bouncy rides/houses where unreal! Dylan had the most fun out of all of us, but next time I think I will skip work and take him in the middle of the day to avoid the lines.
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