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Dylan’s Day Out With Thomas

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Dylan working the brakes on an antique locomotive – B & O Railroad Museum – Baltimore, MD

I’m not quite sure where Julie first heard about this… maybe it was a neighbor or one of the other parents at school, but our family adventure to Baltimore would turn out to be a fun filled day for the Vanderbilt’s! If you know Dylan at all, then you know he has a huge obsession with Thomas The Train and trains in general. He wants to ride them, drive them, crash them and if possible dismantle them. Here are some photos from our adventure with ‘Thomas the Train’ at the B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Dylan’s Wagon

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Dylan and his little red wagon – Harbor Ridge Country Club

Here is a short video clip of Dylan bonding with his little red wagon on the golf cart path at Harbor Ridge Country Club. He really has an obsession with anything that has wheels on it… I know, it’s a boy thing!!