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Pool Time In West Palm

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4/07/2012 – Dylan enjoying the kids pool at Easter vacation. (West Palm, Florida)

The pool at Grandma & Grandpa’s place in West Palm was not as warm as it normally is this time of year. This was partly due to a colder than normal winter/spring and also due to a broken heater unit. I would forgo the swimming on this trip, but Dylan had other ideas about what was too cold for water sports!

So, in an attempt to make our little one happy, we filled the plastic kids pool with water and let the sunshine keep it as warm as the weather conditions allowed. I really believe that at the age of two the human body has no sense of what is too cold… it’s all about what is fun! Here are a couple of home movies for your viewing pleasure.

4/07/2012 – Dylan showing off his water skills during Easter Vacation. (West Palm, Florida)

Dylan’s Easter Vacation

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The Easter Egg Dash at The Country Club – Easter Vacation in West Palm, Florida

This year we spent Easter vacation in Florida again with Julies parents and as usual Dylan had a really great time. Susan, Jason and their kids also came down for the long weekend so it turned out to be a nice little family gathering. I think Dylan was still a little young to truly get into the Easter egg dash, but he did enjoy the other activities at the club and as always, it was nearly impossible to keep him out of the pool! I’ll add some videos of our trip in my next post.
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