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Dylan vs. The Kitchen Door…

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Here are a couple more cute videos of Dylan using his new found mobility skills to try and explore more of his great big new world. I have a feeling he’s going to be just like his dad… an escape artist!

Dylan vs. The Hardwood Floors…

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It seems like forever since I’ve posted any good video’s of Dylan, but now that he’s finally crawling the thrill of trying to capture his classic moments has become much more interesting. His mobility factor went up about 150% with his new found skills and so has his curiosity¬†level making him a very eager little explorer. He is also a very vocal¬†little man which is good at times… at least we know when he’s moving from room to room!

Dylan is Crawling…!

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This weekend, Dylan decided to dump the army crawl thing and pop up on his hands and knees to show us that he is ready to explore the rest of the house. I think he was just waiting for me to get off my ass and put up the baby gates!