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Weekly Twitter Updates: 2010-01-24

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  • Merry Christmas everyone and best wishes for the holidays!!! #
  • Interesting article… RT @mashable Google's 2009: A Glimpse of the Web's Next Decade http://bit.ly/7IqJq4 #
  • Being over-charged and double-charged by online retailers for x-mas purchases sucks! Trying to get them to fix their mistakes… Argh!! #
  • Happy New Year everyone!!!! #
  • Congrats to the USA Hockey Team for their 6 to 5 overtime win over Canada to take the Gold Medal in the IIHF World Juniors Championships!! #
  • OMG!… 6:30 in the morning really sucks!… please, I need more sleep!! #
  • Okay, now the day is officially dragging on… and on…. and on…. and on…!!!! #
  • New server is finally up and running! Looks like there's gonna be a lot of tweaking over the next several days… more sleepless nights!! #
  • Finally home and looking forward to kicking back and watching the CAPS game!! Let's Go CAPS!!!!! #
  • … well let's see if the Caps can do a little better job of staying in the game tonight!!! #
  • ….tired as hell, don't feel well and I'm about ready to become unplugged!! #
  • New journal post: The Macy's Day Parade 2009! http://oceanimagery.com/journal/2009/12/10/the-macys-day-parade-2009/ #
  • New journal post: The Blizzard Of 2009! http://oceanimagery.com/journal/2009/12/20/the-blizzard-of-2009/ #
  • New journal post: New Year – New Dell Server! http://oceanimagery.com/journal/2010/01/06/new-year-new-dell-server/ #
  • After a really busy past two months I finally feel like I'm starting to get caught up on personal stuff… I need more slow days like this! #
  • TGIF… I feel the need to play some hockey!!!! #

Akismet Stats for 2009…

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Akismet activity chart for my WordPress journal…

The Akismet plugin for my WordPress journal is one of the best features for controlling unwanted comment spam! It comes as a standard plugin with the WordPress install, but you have to activate your account with WordPress.org to make it function properly. Akismet works so well that I almost never have to do anything more than the occasional plugin update, but when I do check up on it I’m always impressed to see the stats for the amount of comment spam it’s blocked.

I just ran some reports for the last half of 2009 and was very pleased with the results of both the Akismet plugin and the WordPress Publishing platform as a whole!

Oceanimagery.com/journal/ – The 9 most popular posts of all time…

Julie’s Baby Shower…!

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First off, Julie wanted me to thank everyone for attending her baby shower last weekend and for all the lovely gifts… she is truly blessed to have so many great friends! We also wanted to thank Julie’s sister Susan for making the trip down from Canada and organizing the entire event… it was truly a special day! We know that there were some of you who couldn’t make it to the shower and we do understand and hope that all is well. For those of you who were fortunate enough to make it and those of you who were unable to attend, here are some photos I took during the festivities. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and look forward to seeing everyone again very soon…!!
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New Year – New Dell Server!

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I’m not going to bore you with all the details and politics surrounding my need to build-up a new Web Server for Oceanimagery.com… Instead I’ll try to keep this short and sweet for once. There were circumstances which developed towards the end of last year which required me to re-locate my Web Server to a new IT company here in the area. After doing some research on several different IT and hosting companies, their networks and infrastructures, I decided to Colo with a company known as HopOne Internet.
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