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Facebook Platform Changes…

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Facebook has just published a new detailed list of changes it expects to add to its already complicated Platform over the next six months. They have also provided a time-line with the projected launch dates for these new features. Even though this information is intended mostly for developers of third-party applications, it also gives users a chance to figure out how best to interact with the new features and applications once they are implemented. Check it out… Facebook:  Developers Roadmap»

Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-10-25

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  • On my way to Richmond for the Social D concert… Should be a blast!!! #
  • Social Distortion at the National tonight only…!!! #
  • I'm thinking tonight might be good for just kicking back and watching the CAPS put a hurtin' on the Atlanta Thrashers…!! #
  • It's Friday afternoon and I still can't see the bottom of my plate… come on people, give me a break!! #
  • I think the Facebook servers are finally about ready to explode!! They definitely can't handle the work load thats for sure…!! #

Coolest Halloween Costume Ever…!

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Awesome Halloween Costume – Watch more Funny Videos

My brother just sent me the link for this video and I thought it just too cool not to share. I’ve been trying to figure out what to dress up as for the Halloween party this coming Saturday night, but up until now I’ve been kind of stumped. I know it’s way to late to try and pull something like this off, but theres always next year…!!!

Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-10-18

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  • At work on this lovely Monday morning… and NOT happy about it! #
  • Ahh yes! FTP is finally back online… but wait, now I'm assigned to a empty sub-directory! WTF!!! #
  • I'm still pumped up over our 10-1 victory last night!! Winning is always great… but winning 'big' is even better…!! #

Trick Hockey Shot…

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This is an awesome penalty shot goal scored by a 9 year old Pee-Wee division  player from Portland, Maine. The video was shot during a Boston Bruins NHL game intermission at the TD Banknorth Garden Arena.

Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-10-11

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  • This is a great write-up on Facebook integration for blogs & personal Websites… http://bit.ly/BjuBK #
  • Fajitas & Margaritas tonight at Uncle Julio’s!! Can’t wait… I need a good mid-week fix if you know what I mean!! #
  • Just returned from having an MRI on my left foot. Looks like surgery is definitely in my near future… there goes part of my hockey season! #
  • A good social networking article in Gov Tech Magazine – http://www.govtech.com/gt/articles/699077 #
  • A good social networking article in Gov Tech Magazine – http://bit.ly/1R5B8o #
  • Heading to Micro Center to pick a couple of new 2TB drives for my NAS backup box… my favorite store for rainy Saturday afternoons! #
  • OK… Maybe Micro Center was a bad idea today. Standing in checkout line for 30 minutes now and still not to the registers yet!! #
  • Ruth Chris Steakhouse tonight…?! Ummmm… sounds like a great idea!! #

The 2009 Boating Season…

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I’ve taken the time to put together a small collection of photos that Julie and I took during this past summer. Most of these photos never made the normal journal posts because they were on our small camera (the one Julie uses) which doesn’t get downloaded very often. After cleaning out our little camera for the up coming holidays, I realized that I really hadn’t posted a whole lot of photos from the boating season. I normally try to post at least two boating photo stories a month during the summer, but this past summer was so busy I just didn’t have the time. So, as a tribute to this past summer, and the fun and sun that it gave us, here are some pictures to keep us warm over the winter…. Enjoy!!
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The Harvest Moon…

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This past Sunday on the cruise back from dinner at the Fort Washington Marina, we noticed the moon rising behind us and had to stop the boat to try to capture it. It was the harvest moon and even though the full phase of the moon was the night before (I think?), it was still a spectacular site… especially from the water! For shooting free hand from the back of a rocking boat, I’d say the photos turned out pretty good, but I really wish I’d been on a stable platform with a tripod… then they would have been awesome!
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Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-10-04

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  • We had an awesome time at the Annandale chili cook-off with @dkline2! Always great to see ya Bro… hope you had a safe trip home!! #
  • Crap… I hate the cold!! My nose starts running when ever the temperature drops below 70 degrees… time to move South!! #
  • News Flash… Chicago will NOT host the 2016 Olympics! http://bit.ly/fBdBb #
  • I'm getting excited about playing some hockey tonight… too bad the puck doesn't drop for another 5 hours or so…. (very late game!!) #
  • Four hours and counting till the puck drops for the Capitals home opener at Verizon Center… it's time to 'Rock The Red'!!!! #
  • Heading to the boat… gonna try out the Fort Washington Marina Restaurant today for lunch on the water!! #