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Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-08-30

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  • I really need to start packing for Bermuda. I'll start with the important stuff tonight… the underwater camera equipment! #
  • New blog post: First In Our Divison! http://bit.ly/Z1qcM #
  • Yahoo mail?: Ha, I guess you get what you pay for… and don't what you don't! #
  • Hanging @ Rio Grande waiting on Mike… #
  • Another nice night out catching up with my Brother… now I really need to start packing! Bermuda is just two days away…!! #
  • I'm really looking forward to seeing @realkatebeck in her new movie "White Out" when it finally hits the theaters! #
  • I'm really looking forward to seeing @realkatebeck in her new movie 'White Out' when it finally hits the theaters in September!! #
  • Who's your favorite Washington area sports star? http://bit.ly/11Xkqs #
  • All packed up and ready for Bermuda! Cab picks us up at 6am for our ride to National… time to crash!! #
  • At the airport waiting on the plane… This is one of my favorite places to people watch. #
  • Finally… On the plane and on our way! #
  • Putting together my underwater camera system for the first dive of the trip tomorrow morning… I love shipwrecks! #
  • Dinner and drinks with family and friends @ Tuckers Point beach club tonight… Another fantastic night in Bermuda! #

First In Our Divison!

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This season one of my hockey teams, The Ballston Tropics, finished with an outstanding record of 13-1-2 to put us in the top seed in our division. With only the playoffs left to go, were looking forward to a possible first for our relatively new teams history… that’s right, a championship! Here’s a few photos from the final regular season game against Team Navy. Go Tropics…!!!
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Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-08-23

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  • just had another fantastic evening w/ Julie & my brother Mike @ Rio Grande Cafe' in Arlington… and yes, their margaritas are to die for!! #
  • Our annual family dive trip to Bermuda is just a week away now… getting anxious if you know what I mean!! #
  • My right knee has been acting up all day today! Sore and stiff… need to get outta here & ice it down before the hockey game tonight… #

Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-08-16

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  • I really need to start getting my underwater photo equipment ready for Bermuda… less than 3 weeks away now! #
  • Hockey tonight!! Another PWHL playoff game… hopefully this one has a better outcome than last weeks game!! #
  • Wow! Microsoft in court again… I never saw this one coming! http://bit.ly/18SZ5u #
  • It still amazes me how many people visit Craigslist on a daily basis… posted and sold one of my vehicles in less than 24 hours!! #
  • Just finished resizing 60 new images for the Java slideshow on my Websites index page… clear your browser cache! http://oceanimagery.com/ #
  • On my way to The Dive Shop to buy a new mask for my upcoming Bermuda trip. Might have to look at new Regulators while I'm there too… =) #

For Sale: 99 GMC Yukon Denali…

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I am selling one of my vehicles on Craigslist and thought it might get a little more attention if I posted it here on my Website as well. This has been a really great vehicle for me over the years, but it is finally time to part with it… mostly because I have a new truck and no longer drive this one. Ive added the Craigslist posting link to this post so if you have time take a look!

UPDATE: Vehicle sold in less then 24 hours!! You just have to love Craigslist…

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Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-08-09

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  • Yesterday afternoon turned out to be quite nice down on Belmont Bay… all the storms stayed to the south & the sunset was outstanding!! #
  • Only two days into Shark Week so far and I'm bored with it already… I need to fly off the grid and go diving some place tropical! #
  • WOW! Just took a peak at the new HTML5 demo from 9elements… Very Cool! http://9elements.com/io/?p=153 #

Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-08-02

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  • Just getting started… #
  • While trying to get my twitter feed widget integrated into my website side bar I lost my Share This plugin… Urrrr! #
  • Finally getting all my email accounts back up after the mail server switch! #
  • My Grand Cayman diving photos are now posted here… http://bit.ly/YvQcS #
  • A glitch with the DNS server took down my Web server for a short while… looks like everything is back up now! #
  • @elmoink2 Hey… isn't that the duck talking!? Nice to see ya on twitter, E!! in reply to elmoink2 #
  • I thought FB had some issues last night… RT @mashable CONFIRMED: Twitter Takeover Caused By Facebook Glitch http://bit.ly/Zb7HV #
  • Just avoided a 6 car pile up on 495 @ Telegraph Rd by inches! The 2 cars that started it were right in front of me… #
  • getting ready to head out for Tex-Mex Thursday & to get my margarita fix… then maybe to Clare & Don's Beach Shack to see HPS!! #
  • Trying to catch up on things around the house. Grass is cut and I'm now making a Craigslist post for my older Denali… #