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Email Video Attachments…

:: Tags: Food, Humor

When I receive email that has a video attachment it’s normally something crude, rude or totally offensive that you watch once and then delete. Sometimes (if it’s sent to you by someone you know) you’ll receive one that is either really funny or creative enough to pass on and share with your friends. I’m not a huge fan of clogging up peoples Inboxes, so I decided to start posting the really good ones here. The quality might be a bit low but the video is worth watching… believe me!!

Click this link for Video: redneck_artist  

Ocean Oil Drilling…

:: Tags: Environment, Rants

I received this in an email the other day and thought it interesting enough to write a post about it. It seems that the United States Government (a.k.a. President George Bush) has decided to start drilling holes in the bottom of the ocean again in search of more oil. The ocean is what keeps this planet and us alive… if we keep drilling holes in it and releasing pollutants into it we are going to kill it and inevitably kill ourselves! Isn’t our climate and this planet as a whole screwed up enough?! Let Bush know where we stand on this issue!!

An email from Ocean Conservancy on offshore oil drilling.

Boating at Belmont Bay!

:: Tags: Boating, Weekend Excursion

WOW!… May flew by so fast I didn’t even have a chance to write an entry in my online journal. I know this is partly due to the novelty of the new boat and also because of business picking up at work. Julie and I have been spending a lot of time out boating with friends and until last weekend we’ve forgotten to take a camera out with us to document the fun. The water in the middle Potomac is still a little on the cool side for swimming, but we find other ways to keep ourselves entertained.

Hanging out with friends on the river during the summer is truly a blast! The food is always fantastic and the stories are never dull! Our boat, being the larger one in the group, has become the ‘hub’ of the pack so to speak. And because it has such a large stern deck area it has become the ‘hang-out’ for all the adults!! Its nice being able to hold a conversation without having to shout from boat to boat all day!
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