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Washington Nationals Baseball Game

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Me & Julie at the Nats Game, RFK Stadium (10.5mm fisheye lens)
Me and Julie at the Nats Game, RFK Stadium (10.5mm fisheye lens)
As a general rule, I’m not a big baseball fan! I think the game by nature is much too slow and I find it very difficult to keep myself interested long enough to see a great play or a home run. My game is ice hockey! It’s a fast game that takes great skill and always keeps you on the edge of your seat. If i’m not playing hockey you can usually find me watching it. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember ever going to a baseball game before…!?

During our Engagement Party back in June, our good friends Jill and Francis, gave Julie and I some tickets to see a Washington Nationals baseball game as an engagement present. Francis goes to the games often and is always commenting on how much fun they are so I jumped at the offer. Knowing that I had never been to a Nat’s game before, I thought it would be a great escape for us since we had been so busy with all the wedding planning stuff.

Okay… we went,.. we watched,.. and I took lots of pictures! Yes, it was a lot of fun and very relaxing too! I think Julie only caught me reading my camera manual once… just kidding. ;-)

Thanks again for the tickets you guys… we really had a blast!!
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Dusty Lee Has Past Away – Springfield, VA

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Sir Dusty Lee Vanderbilt
My Very Best Friend, Dusty Lee – We’ll Miss You Greatly!!!

Dusty Lee has been more than just my dog for the past twelve and a half years, he has been my best friend, loyal companion & one of the smartest and kindest pets I have ever owned! He past away at home of natural causes in the middle of the night. As some of you know, I lost my other dog Casey earlier this year to cancer. Casey and Dusty were like brother & sister to one another; Truly two peas in a pod! I think Dusty took it pretty hard when we lost Casey but he seemed to snap back quite well after several weeks.

It’s hard writing this, even now, almost two weeks after Dusty’s passing. Going home to a empty house after becoming a custom to being greeted every night with the unconditional love of your pet & best friend is very hard. I think of him all the time and will miss him for a very long time to come! I have posted this along with a photo slideshow as a tribute to my dog and very best friend – Dusty Lee!!

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