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Doug & Julie’s Wedding Celebration

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Our Wedding Celebration - St. Michaels, MD
Doug & Julie’s Wedding Celebration – Photo by: Erwin Thamm

I’m not going to go into a huge write up about the wedding… I will just say that it was Phenomenal!!! Julie and I can not thank our friends and family enough for making this day on of the most memorable days of our lives! We would like to thank all of our venders for the outstanding service and the personal touch that made this event a huge success with all of our guests!

Julie and I would also like to thank everyone who took pictures at the wedding and sent them into have me post them on my Web site. A big thank you goes out to our friend Erwin for the great pictures he took during the celebration… I would have been taking pictures too, but I would have looked a little funny with a big Nikon camera hanging around my neck during the ceremony.

Check out the wedding photo slideshow here»
NOTE: photos were taken by several different photographers – please observe copyrights!

Doug’s Bachelor Party – Arlington, VA

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Doug & the boys at Whitlow’s - Arlington
Me and the Boys – Hanging loose at Whitlow’s in Arlington

First of all I would like to thank all my friends for coming out and celebrating we me on this historic occasion! It really means a lot to me to know that you care… and the free beer helped a lot too!! Secondly I would like to thank all of you who shot me in the back with paint balls while I was on the ground, out of ammo (yea Mike, that includes you Bro!) The welts still haven’t gone away and I think I might have broken a finger when I jumped behind that building!! Just kidding (about the finger that is.)

It was a great time and yes, we will have to get together and go out to PEV’s again soon for some more paint ball punishment. I’m putting together a little photo slideshow of the weekend events for your entertainment. We have to thank ‘Elmo’ for bringing a camera on Friday night… too bad no one thought to bring one out to PEV’s on Saturday. That would have made for some nice artwork!!

Check out the Slideshow here»

The 4th Of July Weekend – Washington, DC

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DC Fireworks-2007
Boating with friends on the Potomac River – waiting for the DC fireworks

When I was younger I use to boat on the Potomac River almost every weekend during the summers. It wasn’t until several years ago when I reconnected with a good friend of mine from high school that I realized how much I truly missed having a boat of my own. Chris and I started hanging out again after catching up at our 20 year reunion in 2004. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was really into power boating and takes his wife and kids out on the Potomac just about every chance he gets.

He invited me out a couple of times and low and behold it has become a weekend habit again (when time permits of course). I find it truly relaxing to be on the water no matter where it is and boating has always been in my blood, so when he invited Julie and myself to go out for the Fourth Of July I couldn’t say no!! I decided to bring my camera along and see what kind of photos I could get from a rocking boat in the middle of the night… take a look, you might be surprised at how well they turned out… ;-)!!

You can see the photo gallery here»

Stuff For Sale

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This is an updated posting for items I have for sale. Everything that you see here is also listed on Craigslist. Remember to add shipping to all listed prices. Please send me an email if you are interested in anything you see here!

Updated October 24, 2008:

Older Stuff:

  • Sony Playstation 2 Gaming System (PS2) – $90
  • PS2 Games: GhostRecon 1&2, NHL-2K3, SplinterCell – $15 each
  • Let me keep looking… I’m sure I can find more!


Sony DSC-F707 5.24mp/Ikelite Underwater Camera System – $1500

This system includes everything needed to start taking great underwater photographs… an excellent starter system for anyone looking to get into underwater photography! Please email me for complete details.

Minolta Maxxum 3xi 35mm SLR w/35-80 zoom lens & extras – $60

This is an older 35mm film camera system which only collects dust in a closet. It still works great, but I have absolutly no use for it anymore. System comes with the Minolta SLR camera body, Minolta 35-80 AF power zoom lens, Minolta 2000xi Flash, Minolta camera bag & neck strap. Make me an offer and it’s yours!

Bauer Supreme 3000 Pro Ice Hockey Gloves (m/m size-14) – $60

I used these hockey gloves for 1 season in Prince William on a ‘B’ division team before purching a pair of Easton Gloves. They are in almost new condition with only a small amount of tape ware to the palms.

95′ Kawasaki ZX7R Fiberglass Solo-Tail (new-unfinished) – $120

This is a new custom fiberglass solo-tail for a 95′ Kawasaki ZX7R sportbike. I was going to use it myself, but I ended up selling my bike before I had a chance to start the custom body & paint work. It’s un-cut and un-painted… just waiting for a new owner. Make me a reasonable offer and it’s yours!

Stay tuned… more to follow!