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RS Field Trip to NOAA

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As a favor, Julie personally arranged an educational visit for Dylan’s 3rd grade class to the NOAA’s main facility in Silver Spring, MD. The field trip was geared towards weather, the earth and climate. Along with taking a tour of NOAA’s Educational Center and learning about all the things that NOAA does, the kids also had the opportunity to check out NOAA’s new technology exhibit known as ‘Science on a Sphere’. I wasn’t initially planning on attended the field trip, but I’m glad I did… I was totally blown away with the quality of the graphics and computer generated holograms used to display climate data on the sphere. This was a great field trip and the kids from the Falcon Class really had a blast.

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The Blizzard Of 2016

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“A view of our totally snowed-in street” – #blizzardof2016 – Arlington, VA.

As most everyone in the United States knows, the East Coast got hit with a huge snow storm this past weekend and it left the Washington, DC metro area with some crippling snow fall totals. At our place in Arlington, we measured a total snow fall accumulation of between 22 and 24 inches (depending on where you stuck the yard stick.) The snow started falling on Friday and didn’t stop falling until Sunday, but it wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon that we could actually get off our street. Here are some pictures from the event.
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Preparing For Hurricane Irene!

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Taking down canvas and lashing down ‘Our Pleasure‘ in preparation for Hurricane Irene which is expected to blow straight up the Potomac River!

Thunderstorm At Belmont Bay…

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I’m trying too get the cockpit cover on the boat before the sky starts to fall…

It’s not that uncommon to have a thunderstorm pop-up when out boating on the river, especially during the latter half of the summer when temperatures are in the 90’s. So before heading out on the boat, I hit up the local radar and marine forecast to try and determine what the afternoon will bring in the way of weather and plan my boating day accordingly.

This past Sunday would be one of those day when we had to head back in early… and believe me, it was a good call to cut and run when we did. Some of the wind gusts in the marina were as high as 60 mph and even though we didn’t have much trouble getting back into our slip, some of our dock mates were not quite as fortunate. I’ve added some photos of the festivities for your viewing pleasure… enjoy!!
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The Blizzard Of 2010!

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I haven’t had much time lately to edit photos or make posts in my journal and once I get around to posting my next entry you’ll understand why! For now here are some photos from the big snowstorm of 2010… we’ll the first one of 2010 that is!!
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The Blizzard Of 2009!

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I haven’t seen this much snow at one time in Arlington in years. I think the last time we had a snow storm of this magnitude in the Washington DC metro area I was still in high school… yea, it’s been a while!! I managed to click off a few photos during breaks from my shoveling duties and have uploaded them for your viewing pleasure. As beautiful as this area is when it’s covered in snow, I really hope we don’t get anymore this year… I’m not sure my back could handle it!
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