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Boating at Wades Bay

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M/V ‘Our Pleasure’ anchored close to the shoreline” – Wades Bay, Nanjemoy, MD.

All summer we’ve been talking about making a run down river to an area where the water is a little cleaner and the ‘Hydrilla’ doesn’t grow as thick as it does in Belmont Bay. Our boating friends Charlie and Nichole made a day trip down river a couple of weeks ago and they said that Wades Bay was totally Hydrilla free and the deep water would allow for a near shore line anchorage. So this weekend we decided to make the hour long boat ride down river for some different scenery and shark tooth hunting at Wades Bay. We asked Mike and Melissa to join us for the day and they excepted making it an even more enjoyable outing. The water was a little bit on the cool side, but the weather held and it turned out to be a great day. Can’t wait to do it again next summer!
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Boating with Captain Dylan!

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“Dylan at the helm of the ‘M/V Our Pleasure‘ before departing the cove” – Belmont Bay, Occoquan. VA.

As my son becomes more and more responsible and his attention span gets better I am more inclined to allow him to do more grown up things, such as help out with the boat and help me with around the house projects. This weekend he told me that he would like to drive the boat. I asked him why he thought he was able to take on this task and he said because he did such a good of driving the one on our Manitoba fishing trip. Hard to argue with a 6 year old when you know he’s right. So I told him that I would start teaching him how to drive the boat, but he could only be at the helm when there was another adult present. I also explained that daddy’s boat was not a small fishing boat and therefor would take more practice to master driving. First thing he had to learn would be how to navigate, so this session at the helm Dylan worked on spotting the channel markers and keeping the boat on the correct course between them. He took the whole exercise very seriously and did a great job! Next time we will incorporate the compass into the equation.
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Manitoba Fishing Trip Videos!

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08/03/2016 – “Dylan the master angler catching some Pike” – Eagle Nest Lake, Manitoba, Canada

I’ve finally had a chance to edit the video’s from this past weeks fishing trip to Eagle Nest Lodge in Manitoba, Canada. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as my brother and I enjoyed making them! We’d also like to send out a huge thank you to our guide Troy at Eagle Nest Lodge, for not only putting us on the fish every day and making this a great trip, but for also making my son Dylan feel like he owned the place! Kudos, Troy!!

08/04/2016 – “Dylan learning how to drive & dock the boat” – Eagle Nest Lake, Manitoba, Canada

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Boating with Friends!

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“Enjoying a warm summer day hanging out in Belmont Bay” – Belmont Bay Party Cove, VA.

I haven’t taken as many boating pictures as I normally do by this time in the year. That statement alone surprises me a bit, as I am usually the type to document everything that gives me pleasure, and boating always brings me peace and pleasure. So far this year we’ve had the Clark family out with us once and rafted up with Charlie and Nichole several times as per our usual MO, but it seems as though we’ve been too busy to go boating on a lot of weekends. Hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend… I need my weekends on the water for my own mental health.
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Boating Season Begins!

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“Enjoying a beautiful day rafted-up at the Belmont Bay party cove with Friends”

I am happy to announce that boating season for our family has officially begun. I had to spend a little more time this spring getting the boat ready due to the harsher than average winter, but all went well and we are ready for what looks to be a great summer of boating. More photos and videos to follow.
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The Last Day Of Boating Season

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11/04/2014 – Belmont Bay & Sandy Point – Potomac River, VA.

I went down to the marina today to start winterizing the boat and decided to take her out for one last ride before putting her away for the winter. I had one more weekend left before the weather turned really cold and most of the hard stuff like the washing and waxing was already done. I always miss the boat in the winter, but boating in the winter I do not miss… damn that wind was cold!

National Harbor Day

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Julie and Dylan running around on the site of “The Awakening” – National Harbor, MD

Here are some photos from our annual end of summer boating day up river to National Harbor Marina. This year we had four boats and about ten people make the run for some good food and fun at one of our favorite local restaurants!

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Key West Fishing Videos

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09/25/2013 – Chris having a little fun while teasing the bait fish! (Marathon Key, FL.)

Here are a few of my home made videos from ‘the guys fishing trip’ to the Florida Keys… Enjoy!

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Florida Keys Fishing Trip

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Charlie, Chris, Paul and I on our way out to Sombrero Reef – Marathon Key, FL.

Me and the boys spent a week in Marathon Key, Florida doing some off shore fishing this past week and I must say… I Had A Blast!! There is nothing better than catching and eating fresh fish every night!

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Boating In Belmont Bay

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Master Dylan at the helm of ‘M/V Our Pleasure’ – Occoquan, VA.

With the end of the summer just on the horizon, I thought it might be appropriate to post some photos from our 2012 boating season. I didn’t take as many photos this year as I normally do, and to be honest, it didn’t feel like we did as much boating as we have in years past either… guess I’ll have to make up for it next season!
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