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Bermuda Vacation 2011

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And then Dylan says…”flip me over in an hour or if you happen to smell flesh burning.”

The more time we spend in Bermuda, the more we want to go back… go figure! It’s one of those places’s that you just can’t seem get enough of no matter how hard you try! This trip we brought along our son’s nanny Stephanie, to help look after him and give Julie and I a chance to possibly do some diving or play a couple rounds of golf. I must say, it was another beautiful week in paradise and Dylan had the beach bum look really working for himself by the time we had to leave. I’ll add some videos from our trip later, but until then here are the best-of-the-best trip photos to hold you over… enjoy!
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National Harbor Marina

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We made a Sunday afternoon run up to National Harbor for a dinner outing and when we contacted the harbor master he told us to tie up both of our boats in one slip. My reply was… “it better be a pretty deep slip, we’ll need about 65 feet worth to fit both of our boats!” Guess what… they both fit with only about a foot or so of my bow and anchor roller hanging out past the piling.
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