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Snowboarding at Whitetail…

:: Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 @ 12:59 pm

This past Saturday Julie and I spent the day learning how to snowboard with my brother Mike, Christina and her friend Kelly at Whitetail Resort in PA. What fun… well all except for the falling down part that is! Mike told me that snowboarding was unlike anything I had ever done before and not to expect to master it right out of the gate. Boy was he right… after about four hours of beating ourselves up, Julie and I finally started getting the hang of it.

Julie & Doug after snowboarding at Whitetail Mountain Resort

I can see we’ll still need a lot more practice time though… at least before jumping on any big runs! I guess it kind of surprised me a little at first that I couldn’t pick it up right away… I mean I’m so use to being on slippery surfaces as a hockey player and I’m also a very good surfer too… so why was this so difficult. Like Mike said… “the snowboarding thing is something completely different”. Thank God the learning curve is quick because we leave for Colorado in two weeks!!

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