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A Captiva Holiday…

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This past Thanksgiving Julie and I traveled down to Captiva Florida for her family’s annual holiday gathering. We spent the week at South Seas Resort on Captiva Island which is on the Gulf side of Florida. There’s not much in the way of diving there, but that wasn’t the reason for our trip anyway. While visiting with her family, we managed to find some free time to do some sight seeing and a little exploring. ¬†We even found some time to hit the beach… after all, it is an island! But the highlight of the trip (at least for me) was the chance to finally meet all of Julie’s cousins and their children for the first time. Here are some generic photos from our exploration of the island resort… enjoy!

South Seas Island Resort – Captiva Island, Florida

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A Frozen Belmont Bay Marina

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The Washington DC metro area has fallen under a nasty weather system that promises to leave it’s mark on anything that has contact with water and the elements. That’s right, we’re in the grips of a bad freeze! For the last few days I’ve heard stories of burst water pipes and flooded basements, but what really caught my attention was when I heard someone say that the Potomac River had frozen. Granted the ice isn’t thick enough to walk across, but it’s still been quite a long time since we’ve had this sever of a freeze.

All this said, I decided that it might be a good idea to run down to the marina where we keep our boat and have a look at the present situation. We had our boat completely winterized last December, but because it stays in the water year round we still have to worry about big freezes like this one! After checking and confirming that the cabin heater and underwater slip deicer were working properly I decided to snap off some photos of the marina for my journal. Click the link below to see all the photos… Enjoy!


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