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Home For The Holidays…

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This year we decided to host the Christmas festivities at our house instead of traveling out to my Parents place. It would be the first year for us putting up a tree in our new home and so we thought it would be nice to host the Family Christmas dinner as well. I think my mother was the most excited about it, for this would be the first year in a very long time that she wouldn’t have to cook or clean up afterwords. We also thought it would be fitting to share this wonderful time of the year with our family and friends, so I’ve added some photos from Christams day. We’d like to thank everyone for all the wonderful Christmas cards we have received and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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One of our favorite holiday social events has always been Sally’s annual Gloggfest and this year would prove to be no different! It’s always nice to get together with friends during the holidays and share the stories of the past year. This year Sally had a good turn out for the event and it was literally standing room only! I would estimate  close to thirty people total and that’s a lot for her little DC apartment! But oh what fun… the Glogg and food was great! And while there were several close friends that couldn’t make the party… catching up with those who did was definitely the highlight of the evening. Here’s wishing everyone the happiest of holidays!


Beware Of The Doghouse…

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any scarier this holiday season someone had to come along and make a video to remind us of the biggest holiday horror of all… giving your special someone the wrong gift!! The video is only about five minutes long, but guys you really need to watch it… it could save your life!!!