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Diving the Mamanuca Island Group…

:: Thursday, February 21st, 2008 @ 8:35 pm

Our time in Fiji is almost up and we can truly say that it has been a great two weeks! The diving here in the Mamanuca Island Group is different than what we encountered during our first week aboard the Fiji Aggressor II, but all in all it was still excellent. The dive sites were more spread out which meant more travel time in between dives and the visibility was quite a bit lower than it was up North. However, we still had some great dives and took some fantastic pictures to prove it!

This week the Castaway Dive Team took us to a host of sites including the famous ‘Supermarket’, ‘Joe’s Farm’, ‘Wilke’s Find’, ‘Coral Garden’, ‘Plantation Pinnacle’ and ‘Magic Island’ just to name a few! We would like to send a special thanks to Jerry and the entire Castaway Dive Team for making our diving this week so enjoyable! And a huge thank you to the entire Castaway Island Staff… We will be back!!!

More Castaway Island Photos to follow!!

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