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Wakaya to Suva…

:: Friday, February 15th, 2008 @ 10:50 pm

This morning we awoke to a fantastic sunrise anchored just off of Wakaya Island. We would only get one dive today before pulling anchor and starting on our journey back to port in Suva. As a result of the perfect conditions at ‘Wakaya Pass’ we found ourselves back on the dive site that we started the week on, ‘Blue Ribbon Eel Wall’. Without going into a whole lot of detail I can tell you that we were all no less impressed this time around! We didn’t run into any big critters, but the awesome visibility and tons of macro stuff more that made up for the lack of Sharks and other large animals one might normally see here.

So with the first part of our trip coming to a close and all the diving aboard the Aggressor finished it was time to start cleaning up and stowing our gear for the trip home. Well for some people anyway… Julie and I just needed to clean and dry our dive equipment enough to get it to our next destination which was Castaway Island. Once there we would spend our second week diving on Fiji’s beautiful coral reefs. But before I get too far ahead of myself, we still have the evening wine and cheese party yet to attend followed by a nice (and expensive) group dinner in one of Suva’s fine restaurants. Both events were a lot of fun and after a great dinner and a couple of well deserved mixed drinks Julie and I took a taxi back to the boat where we finished packing and then called it a night.

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