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Our last two dives in Namena!

:: Thursday, February 14th, 2008 @ 9:14 pm

Our first dive of the afternoon was on ‘Chimneys’. This is a big dive site with way too much to see on just one dive! The bommies on this site are kind of spread out, but with the good visibility one could just make out all the other pinnacles and ridges on the site. This allowed for easy navigation from pinnacle to pinnacle during the course of the dive. On this dive we saw Dancing Durban’s, Humpback Cleaner Shrimp, Spotted Sweetlips, Oreo Groupers, schools of Hump Head Snappers, Pipe Fish, Anemones and millions of other small reef fish.

A large Oreo Grouper at 'Chimneys'...

Our last dive of the day (and the last dive in the Namena Reserve) was on another wonderful site called ‘Rob’s Find’. This was another pinnacle dive with little to no current and although the visibility was a bit lower here it was still a very nice site. There were a host of Lion Fish, Anemones and other reef fish on this dive. We also found several Nudibranchs, various large Groupers, more Clown Triggers and someone said they saw another White Tip Shark! Oh yea, there was also a large Octopus up on top of one of the pinnacles that almost got James’ arm when we tried to tease it out from under it’s rock!

The past two days have been some of the best diving I have ever encountered! I just can’t say enough about the Namena Reserve area or Fiji as a whole… The diving here is just incredible!! Several of the guests opted to do the night dive here, but I decided to use the much needed extra time working on my camera equipment and editing some of the almost twelve hundred pictures I had already taken!

A close-up of Soft Coral

After the night dive, we left Namena and began the night crossing to Makogai Island. We would arrive sometime in the early morning and the crew would anchor us in the quiet lagoon by the village we would be visiting later on Thursday evening. We hope the ride over is a peaceful one so we can all get a good nights sleep. The week is about over and I don’t think any of the guests want it to end… I know I don’t!

I love the colors in this Butterfly Fish..

A large and colorful Giant Clam..

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