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Karen And Dan’s Wedding – Boston, Mass.

:: Sunday, October 21st, 2007 @ 8:07 pm

Karen and Dan’s Wedding

This past weekend Julie and I were with another group of friends in Boston Massachusetts to help celebrate in yet another wedding for 2007. This makes the forth wedding for this year if you include our own back in July! But this time it is Karen and Dan’s turn to take the plunge into holy matrimony and we wish them all the very best!!

Karen use to live in the Washington metro area and has been friends with Julie for years, so we would have felt terrible had we not been able to be there for her on such a special day. I will say that all the travel for weddings this year is starting to burn us out though. We moved into our new home together back in August, after our wedding, and we are still trying to unpack and put our lives back into some type of a ‘normal’ circadian rhythm.

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Francis Dirren
I think Francis likes having his picture taken… what do you think?

I think that is probably the hardest part about marriage… you know, having to make changes to your life style or daily routine and trying to find some sort of order in the way you do things together. Not all couples have a good day to day rhythm, but I can tell you that it really helps if there is some type of organization in your every day lives together. I’ve only met Karen and Dan a couple of times, but you can tell by the way they get along that they were just meant to be together!! Congratulations you guys… and have a fantastic honeymoon!!

The State House - Boston, Mass.
The State House – Boston, Mass. (GO SOX’S!!!)
UPDATE: See the wedding slideshow here»

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