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Karen And Dan’s Wedding – Boston, Mass.

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Karen and Dan’s Wedding

This past weekend Julie and I were with another group of friends in Boston Massachusetts to help celebrate in yet another wedding for 2007. This makes the forth wedding for this year if you include our own back in July! But this time it is Karen and Dan’s turn to take the plunge into holy matrimony and we wish them all the very best!!

Karen use to live in the Washington metro area and has been friends with Julie for years, so we would have felt terrible had we not been able to be there for her on such a special day. I will say that all the travel for weddings this year is starting to burn us out though. We moved into our new home together back in August, after our wedding, and we are still trying to unpack and put our lives back into some type of a ‘normal’ circadian rhythm.

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US Power Boat Show – Annapolis, Maryland

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Charlie and Chris looking to put something down on a new Fountain!
Charlie and Chris looking to put something down on a new Fountain!

This past weekend Julie and I went up to Annapolis Maryland with a couple of my friends for the annual US Power Boat Show. We think we may want to become boat owners, but are still kicking the idea around, so this weekend was like a preliminary ‘test drive’ if you will, to get a feel for what’s out there and what we might be interested in if we should decide to buy a boat. We are both big on researching our purchases and buying a boat can be like buying a second home, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly!

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Photo Editing Colour Spaces

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I know this is probably not a subject that most people care about and even less want to read about, but I have come across a situation where I feel the need to clarify what most professional photographers already know. I was recently asked to ‘proof’ a collection of pictures online… after viewing over 1000 images I was flat out depressed! The saturation levels for all the images were way too high… at least that’s what it looked like on the three different monitors I use for digital photo editing. “How could that be” you ask…!?!

In the world of computer graphics and digital photography, all computer monitors and working color spaces are not created equally. Let me reemphasize this… just because a jpeg (compressed image file) looks good on your color computer monitor at home, that doesn’t mean that it is going to look good on mine. Hell, what you see on your screen may look completely different once you print it out on that expensive new photo printer you just bought! Why… you ask? Because most people don’t calibrate & profile their output devices for color… that’s why!
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Caroline And Chuck’s Wedding

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Chuck & Caroline - Wedding
Their first dance together as husband & wife!

Last weekend Julie and I flew up to Norton Massachusetts for Chuck and Caroline’s wedding celebration at Wheaton College. For Julie, it was like a little reunion, seeing all her girl friends whom she attended college with so many years ago. It’s normal for people to scatter when they get out of school and start their professional lives, but it’s nice when close friends stay in touch and can make time to get together for special events such as this one!

The ceremony was held in the Catholic Church on campus and the reception in a beautiful dining hall just on the other side of the courtyard. The entire wedding celebration was just fantastic! The location was perfect, the food was excellent and the ‘live’ entertainment outstanding! It was truly a great time for all who attended. Julie and I are so happy for you both and we wish you all the best in your new life together!!

And yes, I did manage to sneak my camera in under my suit jacket :-)… So I’ve put together a little slideshow of the wedding celebration and other festivities from the evening… Enjoy!!

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