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Our Moving Adventure (part 1) – Arlington, VA

:: Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 @ 10:23 pm

Moving out of Springfield!
Packing up for the move to the new house.

Ah Yes… who can’t help but love the joy’s of moving! You never know what you have until… you try to cram it all into a moving truck. Stuff, stuff and more stuff… people in general have a tendency to collect stuff and I must admit that I am no different. What happened to the good old single days of living in a one bedroom apartment and traveling out of a duffel bag? It was so easy to move back then… you just threw everything into the back of a pickup truck and you were done!

Animals are so lucky in the respect that they have no extra baggage. Except for their young, they have nothing they have to take or worry about when they migrate. Must be nice to be baggage free!

I’ll try to put together a photo gallery of both Julie’s move and mine later on! Stay tuned….!

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