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Megalodon Shark Tooth Diving Trip

:: Saturday, September 30th, 2006 @ 10:15 pm

The ‘Megalodon Monitor’
The Local Diving Conditions Web site for Topsail Beach, NC

The Megalodon Shark ToothWell…it appears that due to uncontrollable circumstances (a nice way of putting it) that I will not be able to make Don Becker’s tooth hunting trip after all. Other ‘family’ matters, of much greater importance have required me to travel to Mississippi earlier this month and there is still just too much on the plate.

I am truly happy that Don could find someone to fill my space with such short notice… I hope everyone has a great time and excellent weather! Thanks again for the invite and give my regards to the deep.

UPDATE: The ‘Megalodon Monitor’ was first created by Julie B. and then re-designed by myself before posting it on this Web site. Please feel free to bookmark the link and refer back to it as often as you like… and thanks again for all the support from our friends!!

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