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Dylan’s First Circus

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“Dylan sporting his big red clown nose!” – Verizon Center, Washington, DC.

This weekend, Julie and I took Dylan, Uncle Mike and the Grandparents to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Verizon Center. I haven’t been to a circus since I was a kid and Dylan has never been to one, so this little excursion was sure to be a hit! It seemed to me that there were a lot more acts and animals when I saw it as a kid. I remember there being monkeys, polar bears and even Russian Cossack’s performing stunts on horse back. Thank goodness they still had the elephants and the lion cage. All in all it was a great show and Dylan really enjoyed it!
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Dylan’s Day Out With Thomas

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Dylan working the brakes on an antique locomotive – B & O Railroad Museum – Baltimore, MD

I’m not quite sure where Julie first heard about this… maybe it was a neighbor or one of the other parents at school, but our family adventure to Baltimore would turn out to be a fun filled day for the Vanderbilt’s! If you know Dylan at all, then you know he has a huge obsession with Thomas The Train and trains in general. He wants to ride them, drive them, crash them and if possible dismantle them. Here are some photos from our adventure with ‘Thomas the Train’ at the B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Dylan At The Kids Park

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Dylan at the wheel of the kids pretend school bus rides – McLean, VA.

With all the nice weather we’ve been having lately, Julie decided to take Dylan out to one of the popular kids park over in McLean. It’s the kind of place that is just packed with kids whenever the temperature goes above 60 degrees. Dylan had a blast and here are some photos from his adventure.
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Labor Day Weekend…

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The view off the stern of ‘Our Pleasure’ while on our way back during sunset!

I know this post is a little late, but I’m just getting back to editing all the photos from this past summers boating season. Here’s a handful of pictures from our Labor Day weekend boating trip down river to Gilligan’s Pier in Popes Creek, Maryland… Enjoy!!
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National Harbor Marina…

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M/V Our Pleasure @ National Harbor
The M/V ‘Our Pleasure’ tied up at the National Harbor Marina

This is just a small collection of photos from our boating trip up to National Harbor, Maryland. We didn’t stay the night (this time), but plan on taking advantage of the beautiful marina again in the near future for a weekend get-away! The docks are very nice and there are so many restaurants to choose from within walking distance of the marina… it’s an excellent place for an overnighter! Oh yeah, Mike was with us on this trip wasn’t he… check out the photos!!

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Snowboarding at Whitetail…

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This past Saturday Julie and I spent the day learning how to snowboard with my brother Mike, Christina and her friend Kelly at Whitetail Resort in PA. What fun… well all except for the falling down part that is! Mike told me that snowboarding was unlike anything I had ever done before and not to expect to master it right out of the gate. Boy was he right… after about four hours of beating ourselves up, Julie and I finally started getting the hang of it.

Julie & Doug after snowboarding at Whitetail Mountain Resort

I can see we’ll still need a lot more practice time though… at least before jumping on any big runs! I guess it kind of surprised me a little at first that I couldn’t pick it up right away… I mean I’m so use to being on slippery surfaces as a hockey player and I’m also a very good surfer too… so why was this so difficult. Like Mike said… “the snowboarding thing is something completely different”. Thank God the learning curve is quick because we leave for Colorado in two weeks!!
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Boating at Belmont Bay!

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WOW!… May flew by so fast I didn’t even have a chance to write an entry in my online journal. I know this is partly due to the novelty of the new boat and also because of business picking up at work. Julie and I have been spending a lot of time out boating with friends and until last weekend we’ve forgotten to take a camera out with us to document the fun. The water in the middle Potomac is still a little on the cool side for swimming, but we find other ways to keep ourselves entertained.

Hanging out with friends on the river during the summer is truly a blast! The food is always fantastic and the stories are never dull! Our boat, being the larger one in the group, has become the ‘hub’ of the pack so to speak. And because it has such a large stern deck area it has become the ‘hang-out’ for all the adults!! Its nice being able to hold a conversation without having to shout from boat to boat all day!
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There’s A Boat On The Horizon!

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Well Julie and I have finally done it… We’ve bought a boat! I’ve been looking to get a nice boat for some time now and after much research we decided to go with a Sea Ray! We found a very well maintained 2006 Sea Ray 320 Sundancer (which is classified as a ‘sport cabin cruiser’) for sale at a local marina and decided to throw an offer at the owner to see how eager he was to sell. Our offer was quite a bit less than what he originally wanted for the boat, but he jumped at it anyway.

Doug and Larry bringing the boat into PWM for the pre-purchase Inspection

I found out later that boat sales have been way down and this boat had been on the market for over 6 months! What really grabbed me about the boat is that it came with a transferable extended warranty that covers ‘everything’ until the end of 2012! We take delivery of it this coming Friday… See ya on the River!! (View Photos, Slideshows, Videos & More»)

US Power Boat Show – Annapolis, Maryland

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Charlie and Chris looking to put something down on a new Fountain!
Charlie and Chris looking to put something down on a new Fountain!

This past weekend Julie and I went up to Annapolis Maryland with a couple of my friends for the annual US Power Boat Show. We think we may want to become boat owners, but are still kicking the idea around, so this weekend was like a preliminary ‘test drive’ if you will, to get a feel for what’s out there and what we might be interested in if we should decide to buy a boat. We are both big on researching our purchases and buying a boat can be like buying a second home, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly!

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