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Jack’s Pumpkin Glow

:: Saturday, October 13th, 2018 @ 11:33 am

Julie’s favorite holiday as we all know is Halloween. Every year she goes out of her way to try and find spooky holiday events to go check out in our local area. Over the years we’ve done haunted hayrides, haunted forests, haunted houses and a favorite of mine is visiting Jackson Street… or Spooky Street as we North Arlington people call it. Another favorite attraction of mine in the haunted trail at Douglas Cemetery Park. This is a local event run by the local area neighbors around Douglas Park. The admission is free if you bring some canned food for their food drive.

This year Julie also added a new attraction to our list of events called GLOW. Jack’s Pumpkin Glow is a leisurely walking tour which takes you through Lake Fairfax Park, where families and friends can marvel at thousands of intricately-carved pumpkins… all of which are illuminated in unique & creative displays. This was our first year attending this event and even though I thought is was a bit long, they did have some very creative and elaborate pumpkin displays. I still think the Douglas Cemetery Trail is the best… it’s so dark back in there, you can’t tell who or what is grabbing you! 

Photo Gallery: https://photo.oceanimagery.com/Journal-5/20181013-Lake-Fairfax-Park-VA-Jacks-Pumpkin-Glow

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