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Bermuda – Fall 2018 Videos

:: Sunday, August 26th, 2018 @ 4:07 pm

Here are a hand full of videos taken during our recent family vacation at Tucker’s Point Club in Bermuda. I didn’t bother to spend any time editing the videos like I use to… instead, I’ve just posted the raw files straight from my device to my hosting site and then used a widget to embed the iframe source code directly into my journal post. WordPress is constantly making changes to the layout and functionality of the tools, so it looks like this is my best option to get the visual results I want to go along with my theme.

Click the ‘More’ link below to see the rest of the videos associated with this post. Oh yeah, I almost forgot… the last video is a montage put together by my iPhone software. Enjoy! 

‘Dylan and friends playing in the surf at Tucker’s Point Beach Club’ – Bermuda, HS

‘The view from our villa during a massive rain storm’ – Tucker’s Point Golf Villas, Bermuda

‘The Tree Frogs singing early on a beautiful summer evening’ – Castle Harbour, Bermuda

‘Just another day at the kids pool’ – Tucker’s Point Beach Club, Bermuda

‘This is a little video of our vacation created on my iPhone 6’ – Tucker’s Point, Bermuda

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