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Dylan’s First Bermuda Trip!

:: Saturday, September 25th, 2010 @ 12:37 pm

When my wife and I first decided to try having children, we made a pat with one another, that we would do our best not to let parenthood infringe upon our need to travel and our passion for scuba diving. Well… I guess one out of two isn’t bad! At first, I think I was most worried about just trying to travel with a small child. You hear horror stories all the time about a small child screaming the entire flight and pissing off the other passengers or how you have to pack three times as much stuff when you travel with children… you know… just in case?!

Dylan’s first day at the beach… ever! – Tucker’s Point Beach Club, Bermuda

There’s no wonder that a lot of families just don’t bother to travel anymore after having kids… No doubt, it’s a lot of work, but I really didn’t want us to fall into that category no matter what! So, not to long after Dylan was born, Julie and decided to make plans for a experimental trip to one of our favorite getaway spots… the island of Bermuda. Julie and I visit the island quite often, so not only do we know our way around, but we also know what to expect once we get there. And to top that off, it’s only a two plus hour flight from DC… so even if we found it overwhelming trying to manage a child on the plane at least it wouldn’t be long before we were back on solid ground.

Needless to say, Dylan’s first international trip at only 6 months of age was a huge success! Julie and I feel so much more comfortable about traveling with the little guy now… and boy, what a relief to know that he actually travels well. Oh yeah, and he also has his own passport… how cool is that!! Here are some photos from the trip… Enjoy!!

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